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Clearing the air, know this in advance: The Night Flight Orchestra isn’t a metal band. Hardly one, as a matter of fact. Instead, this robust supergroup, which features the likes of Bjorn “Speed” Strid and David Andersson from Soilwork and Sharlee D’Angelo from Arch Enemy, is a love letter to 70’s and 80’s rock songs, and has been quietly putting albums out since 2012. Amber Galactic is the first major label album, and it’s a wonder as to why this group hadn’t been given this much publicity prior. The Night Flight Orchestra share more in common with bands like ELO and Boston than their melodic death metal counterparts. So, right away, if you can’t enjoy that style of music, it’s best to not even... 

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 Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated band Goo Goo Dolls today announce the release of their new 5 song EP You Should Be Happy, via Warner Bros. Records.  The EP was recorded at EastWest studios in LA and produced by Drew Pearson (OneRepublic, Katy Perry) who first collaborated with the band on their previous release, Boxes.  

The Alien franchise is a mixed bag, no doubt. While the first two are universally agreed upon as masterworks in horror, sci-fi, and action genres, two of the films are also considered disposable garbage by many sources and a supposed prequel, Prometheus, seems to be divisive and a flawed work of art. To say being an Alien fan is scary business, because unlike in space, everyone can hear you scream in frustration with this franchise. Alien: Covenant was a long time coming, and while there has been some hype for it, knowing that only two of the five canon films are undeniable classics is enough to know that this could go both ways.  

The Weapon X program is back! From writer Greg Pak (Weapon X, Totally Awesome Hulk) comes an all-new crossover between WEAPON X and TOTALLY AWESOME HULK, kicking off this June with WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION: ALPHA #1!  

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Check out the first official trailer for W.A.S.P.’s upcoming 25th anniversary release “RE-IDOLIZED”  

Another day, another story about Visa issues and European bands. In the past few years, Visa Issues have become a widespread problem with bands, with the likes of Cradle of Filth and Obscura being victims of this system. Taake are currently in danger of facing the same problem, just as they’re getting set to embark on another US Tour.  

he Jedi have always been the galaxy’s peacekeepers…but with the Clone Wars on the horizon, all that is about to change. This August, writer Matt Owens (Elektra) will team with artist Denys Cowan (Nighthawk, Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers) to unveil the exciting story of one of the Jedi’s greatest warriors in STAR WARS: JEDI OF THE REPUBLIC – MACE WINDU #1!  

Celtic Frost has been defunct and laid to rest for years, but Tom G. Fischer has been busy with his own personal demons and his new act, Triptykon. While the band is doing well, it seems the legacy left behind with Celtic Frost will always be a thorn in his side.  

While Marvel has been doing a solid job at supplying Star Wars fans with comic books to read, a void has been left in the prequel era of the saga, in which the grand majority of the series’ have been focusing on the original and sequel trilogy. Aside from Obi-Wan & Anakin and the currently-running Darth Maul series, the newly announced Mace Windu series is the third and most recent foray into the prequel trilogy’s timeline.  

After a year of hectic line-up changes and controversy surrounding the business conducted in the band. founding member Chris Letchford has brought back Scale the Summit, and with it new members in the band.  

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Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell has passed away suddenly at the age of 52. Soundgarden were currently on tour and were in Detroit when news of Cornell’s passing was announced.  

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The band will be touring in support of their last year’s album “Psychopathology”, released on Agonia Records, together with fellow black metallers Cvinger (Slovenia), Infinityum (France) and Aeternum Vale (Ireland). The 9-date routing will go though five countries.  

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