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In addition to the sixteenth installment of their massive annual gala in Massachusetts this April, the promoters of the NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL today declare their plans of taking over this year’s SXSW at the other end of the country with a massive public showcase.  

The hooded hooligans of Creepsylvania, GHOUL, are bursting blood vessels to finally announce the second installment of the Weapons Of Most Destruction Tour! Set to launch this April,  

New Jersey metallers MIDNITE HELLION have made their entire discography available for streaming at With the band’s newest release, the Hour of the Wolf 7-inch, limited-edition vinyl single, on track to selling out, fans can now bang their heads to MIDNITE HELLION‘s complete catalog of powerful  

Apoch’s Metal Review and Greyhaze Records present the exclusive premiere of MYSTIFIER‘s “An Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper’s Prayer Book.” The track comes off the Greyhaze Records deluxe CD/DVD digipak reissue of Wicca, the now classic debut from this highly influential Brazilian black metal band.  

January 8, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio — The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization is excited to announce that after years of loyal support and attendance of our summer festival, the young Cincinnati, Ohio Thrash Metal band SPLIT THE ABYSS  

Funeral doom/death Goliaths, EYE OF SOLITUDE, have teamed with for the exclusive premiere of the music video for “Act II: Where the Descent Began.”  

Due to the awesome head office of Metal Machine, I had the pleasure to witness not one, but TWO epic tours that wound together with a late addition show in Midland, Texas, at La Hacienda! I was witness to the Industrialist Tour for Fear Factory joining the Super Collider Tour from Megadeth, with Nonpoint opening up for the pair. This tour is a not miss opportunity, and I took full advantage!  

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