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“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair is coming to this years XCon Convention 2015 in Myrtle Beach. The Nature Boy is very selective at witch shows he comes to, and he’s making oe of those appearances at XCON!  

By Adam Vega What is it about the gritty, shadowy, and darkened dim world of New York that fascinates us so much? Is it that film noir look or mysterious atmospheric realm that draws us into the unknown? That’s what separates Netflixs’ Daredevil from the rest of the live action Marvel characters. Although part of the same universe as The Avengers, Charlie Cox portrays blind lawyer Matt Murdock in a way that separates Daredevil into his sub-genre of super-hero fandom. This grim New York tales\ represents the everyday “humans” living in a world of omnipotent beings, but emphasizes more on a sub-story of human-suffering, human-crime, and human-personality that connects the audience into a related manner.  

DC Entertainment’s Vertigo imprint, home to creator-driven, standalone and high concept stories, will publish AMPED from acclaimed television creator Eric Kripke (SUPERNATURAL, REVOLUTION).  

IDW Games is on the case! Get ready to hunt down the city’s super-powered serial killers in a new line of tabletop games based off the Powers graphic novels. Powers, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, is an Eisner Award winning super hero noir series that was recently adapted for television by PlayStation network. The Powers game line will include card, board, and dice games each focusing on different situations and characters from the series.  

Joshua McDermitt is coming to this years XCon in South Carolina. Joshua plays Eugene Porter on the hit TV series “The Walking Dead”.  

With all the excitement building up on The FLash, here comes the gang from Starling City to ramp things up for Barry and the crew. Check out all the action that’s coming up…  

Netfix has released the first full trailer for the up coming Daredevil series. Here’s a first look.  

When 2011 came rolling around, the only show DC Entertainment had on the small screen was Smallville, and as that show was winding down, people were wondering what would be the next superhero to enter the world of comic books on TV. A year later we had Arrow, which followed the exploits of Oliver Queen as DC Comics mainstay Green Arrow. The show has introduced a variety of characters good and bad, including Black Canary, Red Arrow and The Flash. Now here we are 2015 and The Flash is currently the best comic book TV series on the air.  

Current break out star Robin Lord Taylor, star of the hit series Gotham, talks about how he plays his version of the Penguin on the TV show.  

Last year, when the new television season was upon us, many in the geek/comic book community were excited with several DC Entertainment entries on several different networks ready to premiere. We had The Flash, with the entire spotlight on the “scarlet speedster”, this show, spawned from the current hit “Arrow” was expected to be a runaway hit. Then we had Gotham, the dark and gritty retelling of the Batman mythos without Batman. This one features most of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery of villains including Catwoman, The Riddler and an up and coming crime boss known as the Penguin who played by Robin Lord Taylor has become the breakout star of Gotham and has already become a seminal hit.  

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If you know the band KISS, then you know the history of the band and what seems like the endless line of merchandising, from their comic book and action figures from the 70’s, to more comic books and more action figures in the 90’s, to a KISS Coffin that doubled as a cooler. Most of these are the brainchild of KISS bassist Gens Simmons. It has been said Gene has never seen a buck he didn’t like! But now comes…via Youtube a long lost commercial from 2000 featuring KISS lead singer Paul Stanley for Folgers Coffee. After some test study, the commercial never aired…we wonder why. Take a look and judge for yourself!  

Just in time for fans’ holiday wish lists, Dark Horse and Mattel announce that the biggest art book of 2015 – The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – will receive a limited edition release.  

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