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As well as announcing “Xiadz/Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel” EP, Polish blackened death merchants Behemoth have premiered a new live video for their song “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” from their heralded latest album, “The Satanist,” via their official youtube channel.  

Following several months in incubation, LORD MANTIS delivers the video for their newly completed “Possession Prayer” video, and caution, its going to sicken you!  

Chicago’s esteemed instrumental quartet, PELICAN, is set to release a new EP on Southern Lord in the new year based around fresh reimaginings of “The Cliff,” a highlight from their most recent album, 2013’s Forever Becoming, and one recently completed new song.  

Boston Death Groove Perverts SEXCREMENT have a bad habit of delivering a devastating blend of sleaze and brutality. They have spared no expense with their latest platter of perversion XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2, which is now available for free download/streaming on their Bandcamp page.  

Dallas, Texas-based avant/tech death metal trio, BARING TEETH, is preparing for the long-awaited follow-up to their 2011 debut album, Atrophy, with the mangling Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins to drop via Willowtip Records NOW!  

“Under Command” split album out in two weeks! Swedish heavy metal titans RAM and PORTRAIT join forces for a split album entitled “Under Command” to be released the 8th of December via Metal Blade Records!  

Wresting the Revelation of Futility from Canadian Black/Death Metallers DIRE OMEN is out now on Dark Descent Records.  

Tod & Teufel, the newest album from German death metal act ARROGANZ, is out now on FDA Rekotz. Called a “a heavy, emotional, and raw album that is sure to keep dropping jaws for decades to come,” Tod & Teufel bears the unholy markings of a future death metal classic.  

After combing through the desert of releases out now, especially just released on Bandcamp, the slav- Staff! here at Metal Machine were asked, not forced!, to find even more $5 and under deals on that treasure trove of musical talent! Same rules will apply, it has to be $5/less or NYOP/FREE, or less than 4 in foreign currency. Simple, easy to remember, and CHEAP. Welcome to my Part 2…  

Delivering mercurial, heavily textured post-hardcore of the highest order, New Zealand-based quintet, SPOOK THE HORSES, has completed their sophomore album, Rainmaker, for a mid-Winter 2015 release. If you’ve ever sat and watched darkening clouds eclipse the sun, then you’ll be familiar with the kind of portentous intensity post-hardcore and atmospheric metal titans SPOOK THE HORSES evoke on their new album Rainmaker. Soundtracking the apocalypse since 2009, the Wellington-based act remains resoundingly heavy, but just as those clouds are eventually borne away by powerful prevailing winds, the band’s epic suites are imbued with strings, brass, synthesizers and nuanced guitar — the lineup including... 

Having released one of the most dynamic and impressive progressive crossover albums of the year with their debut album, With Haste On Its Breath, Ohio’s MAID MYRIAD continues to take these soaring, ambitious and infectious tunes to the people, booking new waves of regional touring in support of the record.  

Behold! Another of the almighty splits! This one has the distinct pleasure of hosting 6 tracks of unadulterated doom weighing upon the listener, split between Conan and Slomatics, with the intro a combined effort from the two. Adventure forth, those that seek the heaviest of music, that you may know my inner most thoughts upon this glorious repressing.  

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