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Cannibal Corpse are putting out a new album, and as you’d expect it’s going to be incredibly heavy, brutal, and a violent affair all around. Also, the sky is blue and bears live in the woods.  

Primitive Man are without a doubt one of the darkest, most punishingly brutal bands working today. Taking a no-filtered, straight to the point approach to noisy doom-inspired metal, Primitive Man are back again with a new offering and a forthcoming release to commemorate it.  

Just stop everything you’re doing, there’s a new Converge song.  

When I was in 9th grade, I had a very hard time accepting that there was never going to be another Revocation in my life. The technical wizardry that came with 2009’s Existence is Futile pushed my listening habits further in the thrash metal revival that was going on at the time, and because of myself and many others Revocation have gone on to survive that fad and continue to push themselves to where they are now as a band.  Discovering Revocation was a one of a kind feeling, but the closest I’ve ever felt to that feeling again was hearing California’s Madrost for the first time.  

Having been hyped up for the past few months, Vuur, featuring Anneke van Giersbergen of The Gathering and Devin Townsend Project fame, is finally slated to release their debut album. Entitled In This Moment We Are Free- Cities, the band is starting to fire on all cylinders.  

Vattnet (Formerly Vattnet Viskar) have been gearing up to release a new album for a few months now. With the debut of “Dark Black” in June, the band showcased a new direction, one that separated them from the post-black metal sound they were attached to prior. As they detail their new self-titled album, (Simply titled Vattnet) that trend continues, especially on their new single.  

Converge last released new music in 2012. That’s a long time for any band, and Converge’s loyal fan base are surely going to eat up anything the band throws their way. That dry spell may have been broken, as the band have released two new songs, their first offering of material since All We Love We Leave Behind.  

Hiss Spun is turning out to be an interesting album for Chelsea Wolfe. Building off of the dark nature of her previous release, Abyss, the album goes from there yet builds an identity of its own, with an undeniably metal aesthetic draped over it. To up the ante, Chelsea Wolfe has released the next single, “Vex,” from the forthcoming album, and it’s a weird one.  

Ensiferum are the folk metal band that everyone is exposed to at some point or another. Typically when you think of folk metal and the sonic aspects of it, Ensiferum is the first band that’ll comes to mind. While the band has been steady with their releases in the past few years, they always manage to resurface just as you’re beginning to wonder where they went. Following that trend, the band have revealed their new album, Two Paths, is on the way.  

There was a point in the first episode of Netflix’s Castlevania where I saw a dead child, torn up by demons unleashed upon the Earth. Going in nearly blind to this new series and knowing the property based on the name alone, that was one of the few surprises to be found in this short season, meant to show that this wasn’t an animated show that was going to hide away from going to dark places: the show is the dark place and you’re in it nearly right away.  

Greek symphonic death metal act Septicflesh are no strangers to their own craft, and fans should know what to expect by now. However, that doesn’t change the fact that a new Septicflesh song should catch you off guard on the first listen. That’s exactly what the band have accomplished again with “Dante’s Inferno.”  

Chelsea Wolfe, the doom-oriented songwriter embraced by the metal community, announced this morning her newest album, Hiss Spun, will be released this year. Having found success in the metal community with her appropriately titled fourth album, Abyss, her forthcoming fifth album will be her third release on the Sargent House record label.  

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