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Japan has a style unto itself when it comes to metal, and ultimately the number of bands from the East that find success overseas are small in number. While true, that does not reflect the quality of music coming from Japan, and Serenity In Murder are a perfect example of what more bands in the symphonic side of the genre should be accomplishing. With The Eclipse, the band’s third album shows them fine-tuning their sound, and in a quick 40 minutes accomplish what many bands take twice as long to do across two discs.  

Stephen Pearcy‘s fourth original solo album, “Smash” is out today via Frontiers Music Srl.  Stephen Pearcy, best known as the original vocalist and founding member of the platinum rock band RATT, has crafted an album that will surely please fans of the Ratt ‘N Roll style he is known for, while also pushing himself into new rock ‘n roll terrain.  

Fade Away the forthcoming album from NYHC/thrash merchants Ache is streaming now via their soundcloud page. The album will drop this Friday (12/16) via Dead City Records (Sheer Terror, Crumbsuckers).  

Texan instrumental rock collective THIS WILL DESTROY YOU has just announced an upcoming US tour supporting Deafheaven, set to take place in February and March.  

Today, Thursday, December 1st at 3PM ET, tune in here and join Marvel’s Director of Content Development, Sana Amanat, and writer Margaret Stohl (Mighty Captain Marvel, Black Widow: Red Vengeance, Black Widow: Forever Red) as they join host Walter Hickey, and Entertainment Editor, Isha Aran, as they dive into the repercussions of Marvel’s CIVIL WAR II #7.  

I wrote in my Ophidian Spell review that I love watching a band rise from humble beginnings. To restate what I’ve said, I’ve been lucky to watch Nails, Ghost, and a few others start from a single Facebook page and demo early demos to the juggernauts they are in the wider spectrum of heavy music. Omnium Gatherum, one of Finland’s quintessential melo death bands, are no newcomers to the genre, but with the release of Grey Heavens, it seems they’re finally getting an ever-increasing amount of attention.  

I think I can estimate that I’ve been enjoying metal as a genre for about nine years now, going on ten sometime next fall. Like so many others, my first bands were Iron Maiden and Metallica, both of which inspired me to pick up bass and to explore heavy metal, power metal, and thrash metal in my early days. Metallica in particular was instrumental in me pursuing heavier music, as their older material helped me find bands in similar styles that only got a progressively resulted me in the taste of music I have today. I do owe Metallica a lot, and yet I owe them an honest review with Hardwired… to Self-Destruct.  

A Requiem For Terra is the forthcoming new full-length from BLACK HOLE GENERATOR. Led by Vulture Industries’ mainman Bjørnar E. Nilse, and set to drop later this month via Dark Essence Records, the seven-track offering shifts between the bleak aural landscapes of a desolate world and the frantic torrent of the abyss.  

Swedish Heavy Metal journeyman QUICKSAND DREAM have premiered a new track from forthcoming album, Beheading Tyrants. Stream “Daughters of Eve” at the following link after this break:  

Philadelphia power trio The WORKHORSE III will self-release their third album Closer to Relevance on December 9. Too Rock for Metal and too Metal for Rock? More like Loud, Proud, and Hot as Hell! You be the judge: stream “Soul Crusher“, featuring bassist Steve McCarthy on lead vocals, after the break:  

Godflesh‘s industrial metal epic “Merciless“, as covered by LAMENT CITYSCAPE and THEOLOGIAN, is now streaming. The track is an exclusive bonus found on the digital version of their Soft Tissue collaborative full-length, and this week sees a special stream.  

New Jersey’s RISK RELAY — now just over a week from releasing their fourth full-length, As We Descend, through Nefarious Industries – offer a new preview of the record with, “The Meeting“, through a premiere of the song.  

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