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Deftones have been on a bit of a roller coaster the past decade or so. The band emerged in the nu-metal scene in the mid 90s, but around the turn of the century they began to branch out into more sonically adventurous directions, transforming their already unique sound into something one of a kind, and making every album a stepping stone for their natural progression. 2012’s Koi No Yokan saw the band receive an exorberant amount of attention in the media, and rightly so, as the album was nothing short of an accomplishment in many regards.  

Chances are, if you’re into metal, your first love for a band wasn’t Gorgoroth or Suffocation. I’ve met a person or two who went from prog rock into tech death, but in actuality the majority of people in the metal community started with the basics: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and even hard rock bands that influenced the genre, like Van Halen. It’s almost like Metal 101, and everyone has to go through it at some point or another. And whether you enjoy the music or not, you can’t deny the influence on the genre, let alone how it has impacted the world.  

Sometimes, when tours get announced, the lineup is just too good to pass up, even if you aren’t entirely familiar with the bands attached. I could argue that I enjoyed Intronaut and Scale the Summit as bands and that they’re great musicians, but improper timing on my behalf never allowed me to give the respective bands as much time as they deserved. I’m familiar with a good deal of their songs, and given the fact that they were all withstanding the staggering amount of music I’ve digested clearly says something about the quality of the bands as a whole.  

Viking metal, that of sagas growled describing the gods and goddesses of the frozen wastes, battling monsters and each other, as well as the warriors who lived in that icy hel, is a thunderous and energetic metal style that has become very popular as of late. Currently leading the pack in popularity and in consistent output is Amon Amarth, who look, sound, and sing like we all feel a viking warrior should: powerfully! With their newest frozen slab of viking virtue, Jomsviking, they thoroughly cement their place in the metal god pantheon. Opening with the ominous first track, First Kill, they come flying at you as if they had landed a raiding party upon your shores. Galloping guitars, thundering drums, all leading to... 

Amon Amarth need no introduction. Sure, they’re not the first band to sing about vikings and mythology, and nor are the first melo death band to do it either, but they’re like Motorhead in death metal form: you know what you’re getting and that’s totally okay. The past three years have been titanic for the band, though: Deceiver of the Gods landed them a spot on Mayhem Festival with the likes of Mastodon, Five Finger Death Punch, and Rob Zombie, and have since  gone on to becoming a massive band in both North America. Even when I saw them headline in New York with Sabaton and Vallenfyre, they managed to bring over their viking ship stage prop for the show, making it a memorable experience. (A bloody nose after... 

Give or take about a year and a half ago, Full of Hell and Merzbow released a collaboration album simply titled Full of Hell & Merzbow. Even with some mixed response, the album was almost everywhere, as it was a blend of grindcore and noise, just touching on the brink of insanity and fusing it with a bloodthirsty rage. Now Full of Hell have teamed up with sludge metal act The Body for another collaboration, and the results push the human psyche into dark and disturbing places. Whereas the Merzbow project could be likened to a physical assault, this project with The Body is more cerebral and telekinetic in how it will break you down. Granted there are physical aspects to the album, but the damage done stays present... 

It’s a timeless argument that we all have become accustomed to: which of the two titans would win in a fight to the death? We’ll never truly have an answer, since Batman and Superman are very rarely pitted against one another in comics, but a movie based around a conflict between them? On not just a physical but moral way? That seems awesome, right?  

Immitation may be the finest form of flattery, but actually being able to build off of your influences is another thing entirely. Such is the story of Vibrion, who wear their death metal influences proudly, but are carving their own path entirely. Their first album in years, Bacterya shows everyone how to put out solid, old school  death metal in 2016.  

After successfully kick-starting the MCU’s arrival on Netflix last year, Daredevil is back with another season less than a year later. The Punisher and Elektra join the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen as New York is faced with a new threat that pushes the series further onto the dark, violent streets of the city. Any doubts to be had are quickly swept away as the series sets a new standard for itself and all other comic book properties.  

  Back in the early nineties, when the Seattle Grunge Sound was tearing through the Metal community, there was one band that was still plowing through and actually gaining traction, as band after band released music that was stalling at the gate. The irony was that this band also hailed from the state of Washington, but sounded nothing like their contemporaries coming from the same area. The band was Queensryche, and as anyone who knows Queensryche, this band has a unique a sound as any.  

As one of the leading bands in the NWOAHM, Killswitch Engage’s 7th release manages to impress and keep the band’s uplifting brutality going strong into 2016. Not without some flaws, Incarnate shows the band improving, all the while being sure to keep their fans happy.  

Hardcore, one of the only ‘core styles worth any kind of damn, has it’s legendary bands. And now it has another, built from the ashes of others: Poison Tongues. About to drop their debut album next month, For Freedom’s Sake, on Fast Break! Records, here are some quick words for this fast jab to the mouth of an album!  

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