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Deathgasm Records destroyers NOMINON, INFINITUM OBSCURE, and QUINTA ESSENTIA are about to embark on the DEATH METAL DARKNESS TOUR 2010, which begins on June 18th in Ramona, CA. Tour dates are listed below. We’ll keep you posted on the “TBA” slots. Be on the lookout!  

    Have you been reading SECRET SIX? If not, for shame. This issue, #22, marks the finale of the latest Gail Simone/J. Calafiore collabo, and it shows fan-favorite Catman going postal on all those that have made his nine lives difficult. Will the other members of the Six bail just when Catman needs a hand? Is one of the team quitting for good? Anything’s possible.  

This week, DC’s ongoing BATMAN title hits a major and rare milestone: 700 issues.  

What kind of people call themselves “The Brotherhood of Evil”?  

This September, superstars Matt Fraction, Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollingsworth take the reins of Thor and begin a thunderous new direction! In Thor #615, following the stunning events of Kieron Gillen’s acclaimed Thor epic, the ruins of Asgard are now a target and a dark, destructive force from another dimension is on its way to ravage all nine realms—including Earth. Only the mighty Thor can stand in their way, but, when the dust clears, nothing will ever be the same for the Marvel Universe!  

Marvel is proud to present your first look at X-Men #1 from the red-hot creative team of Victor Gischler and Paco Medina. In the first X-Men #1 in almost 20 years, Marvel’s mighty mutants enter the Heroic Age to face a deadly new threat in a battle that will drastically alter the ENTIRE Marvel Universe! With new faces being brought into the fold and an all-star new creative team, fans cannot miss the “Curse of the Mutants” in the all-new X-Men #1!  

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Fresh off its first national tour, Afro-punk is returning to Brooklyn for the 6th Annual Afro-punk Festival on June 26-27 in Fort Greene’s Commodore Barry Park. And this year, the festival is proud to host hardcore legends and Afro-punk godfathers Bad Brains. In addition to Bad Brains’ set, the festival will include performances from Ninja Sonic, Activator, Game Rebellion,  

  Looking for something to do this weekend? Well look no longer because the 2010 DC Nation tour pulls into Charlotte, North Carolina for Heroes Convention from June 4th – 6th at the Charlotte Convention Center. Hi, I’m DCU Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler. You might remember me from other convention posts such as, “The guy who was stoked to get doughnuts in Seattle” or “The guy with the party hats in Baltimore”. I fly to Charlotte tomorrow at dawn (seriously why do they make flights that leave so early?) and I am am thrilled to be attending Heroes again. This is one of the best shows in the country for fans to come and meet their favorite creators and this year’s guest list is pretty stacked. Take... 

Later this year, the TITANS ongoing series returns, courtesy of writer Eric Wallace and artist Fabrizio Fiorentino, with a new direction. Fans got a sense of how ruthless Deathstroke’s team of mercenaries could be in the pages of the TITANS: VILLAINS FOR HIRE SPECIAL #1, but who else is on their radar?  

Hey–for those of you who don’t already know–the first issue of our new JOKER’S ASYLUM event hits stands this week. JOKER’S ASYLUM is a group of five one-shoots focusing on Batman’s rogues gallery, each written and drawn by a different creative team. This time around we’re featuring stories on HARLEY QUINN, CLAYFACE, MAD HATTER, KILLER CROC, and of course…  

HobbyStar Comicon Day one – ROUND 1 By Mike Fairservice First day at ComiCon HOBBYSTAR style.  I honestly have to say that the artist alley so far is the highlight of the show for me, mind you that when I got here at 11:00 the vendors were still in setup mode, but they were all very friendly and willing to help me out with any questions I may have had.  They also were able and anxious to get me their business cards so I can set up reviews of their stores, so stay tuned to more store reviews to come in the future.   So this first little excerpt is on my first visit to the artist alley and my interaction with the people in there.  Also, I am on a quest to obtain a copy of New Mutants #98 (1st Appearance of Deadpool)... 

Final Fantasy XIII Review by Mike Fairservice First off, let me apologize for not doing this one sooner.  I have not been with Metal Machine long, and I have had other articles that I wanted to get done first. Giddy anticipation!!! That is what I would have to call what I was experiencing around the release date of Final Fantasy 13 (ff13).  It had been a long time since I had played a FF game let alone bought one, and I think it was the first FF game for the PS3.  

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