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The Bat-news continues to roll in, with more clues and teases about what exactly is happening in the Batman universe in November. Here’s another piece of the puzzle, involving Mr. Tony Daniel.  

After his initial stop in Philly, Superman heads to Detroit, the home of the auto industry and the music of Motown. Who will the Man of Steel cross paths with? What stories will be shared? That’s about a month away, folks. But swing by and pick up your copy of SUPERMAN #701, on sale today.  

Not long ago, we announced that GREEN ARROW writer J.T. Krul would be adding DC’s top teen team to his resume and taking over as the ongoing writer of TEEN TITANS, starting with October’s #88. But who’s handling the art side?  

Superman’s journey begins with one step – and he’s taking it today. Starting with SUPERMAN #701, writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Eddy Barrows begin a historic storyline in the pages of SUPERMAN, as the Man of Steel walks across America to not only reconnect with his adopted home, but the people that populate it.  

This October, the Justice Society of America is getting a new chairman. And, by “chairman,” we mean a new writer: Marc Guggenheim. Guggenheim, who has a long list of film and comic book credits, will bring his fast-paced storytelling and refined eye to one of the DCU’s most legendary teams.  

  It’s not a stretch to say one of the most recent success stories to come out of Vertigo is AMERICAN VAMPIRE, a neo-horror classic-in-the-making that has garnered critical and commercial acclaim with it’s modern and exciting take on vampires in America.  

After the BLACKEST NIGHT comes the BRIGHTEST DAY, and if you’re still reeling from the amazing look of the DC DIRECT figures surrounding last year’s DCU-spanning event, you may need to sit down for this one.  

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We promised big news. It doesn’t get much bigger than this. When we announced superstar artist David Finch was going to be joining the ranks of the DC NATION, it was with the news that he’d be handling the covers on BRIGHTEST DAY and ACTION COMICS. But not only is Finch a all-star caliber cover artist, he’s a master storyteller. Fans got a taste of the compelling narrative Finch can create visually with the pages he did in BATMAN #700, paired with writer Grant Morrison.  

Hot off the white-hot start to his ACTION COMICS run, writer Paul Cornell turns his sharp pen to the Batman universe, and takes on the Dynamic Duo’s across-the-pond colleagues – Knight and Squire! Teaming with interior artist Jimmy Broxton and cover artist Yanick Paquette, the six-issue mini-series puts the spotlight on the London counterparts to Batman and Robin.  

Not long ago, we unveiled the news that the Justice League would be teaming with the international heroes of Teshkeel Comics’ THE 99 series to face off against a globe-spanning threat – cool, huh?  

Bruce Wayne is back – but what has he returned to? In his absence, his closest allies and deadliest enemies have blazed a new path, creating a Gotham that’s different and in many ways more menacing than the city he left behind. So, how do his protégés, allies and foes react to the man that stands before them?  

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