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Jagex has announced that RuneScape 3 will be launched on July 22. This game is 12 years old and is being revamped to fit HTML5. The game will feature a make your own fate features which will impact their journey through the world of Gielinor. July 22 fans will also see the start of RuneScape 3’s inaugural community-driven world event, The Battle for Lumbridge.  

Lucasfilm, Chris Hardwick and Nerdist, are hosting the Course of the Force relay.A kick started for San Diego Comic-Con the relay is a charity event to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  

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It is the moment fans have been waiting for. Upon finishing this game we have all been rendered useless waiting and praying for announcements of the DLC’s so we can get more of Booker and Elizabeth in our lives. Well, fear no more friends Irrational Games has confirmed to IGN that new BioShock Infinite downloadable content will be revealed in late July.  

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This game looks so awesome. There hasn’t been a great Ninja Turtles game in years. Marketing is pretty decent considering they are releasing game play for all of the characters separately. They actually look like mutants for once as well from concept art. Oh, the ingenuity of gaming. Look out for this game this summer.  

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After Xbox One was completely shut down by Sony and the PlayStation4, Microsoft has changed the tune of their heavily abundant restrictions. After a large uproar of fans screaming about the ridiculous demands of the new console Microsoft simply had no choice in the matter. How they thought they were going to get away with their new regulation codes is beyond me, but in a statement from Interactive Entertainment president Don Mattrick we find out why.  

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Sony has confirmed to ShackNews that PS4 titles purchased at retail will cost $59.99. This makes fans very happy considering that we all thought that we would be paying in limbs for new games. If anything through this whole announcement process we have found that Sony is definitely on the consumers side of things.  

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The Skylanders SWAP Force trailer is here! Just in time for E3, check it out below.  

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Yesterday at E3, Sony held a conference in the name of the PlayStation 4 that literally beat the shit out of Xbox One. Essentially Sony is doing everything better than Microsoft in the world of new console gaming. Many fans have already thrown in their green towels and are trading in for a different system in their minds? Why you may ask? The answer is simple, Sony cares more about their consumers.  

Tell Tale Heart Studios is releasing the second chapter to their hit arcade game. This information was announced at E3 yesterday with a trailer. Tell Tale Heart’s game The Walking Dead won game of the year across the boards last year with their choose your own fate style RPG. Having played it personally, it was incredible.  

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Yesterday it was announced that all PlayStation 4 games will be region free. This means that a game purchased in one location and shipped to another will play. This is an answer to Microsofts region lock on the Xbox One. This new just fuels the fire that many users will be switching from the Xbox to PlayStation come new generation consoles.  

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Today at E3 some very exciting news was released for Star Wars fans. Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge developer DICE is in the process of developing the Star Wars: Battlefront series. This announcement was released through a small trailer.  

Lego has pretty much dipped into every single nerdy franchise in existence for the last 3 years. They have created many a film and game including DC characters and Star Wars. It seems only appropriate that they would get involved with Marvel Super Heroes in their next gaming franchise.  

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