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In stores now, it’s the ultimate art tome for Capcom’s iconic Devil May Cry™ video game franchise – DEVIL MAY CRY™ 3142: GRAPHIC ARTS! This 224-page artwork archive collects material from all four classic Devil May Cry games as well as the Devil May Cry anime series.  

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Although vampires were nearly ruined for everybody, there’s something about the creatures of the night that refuses to die. Of them all, Dracula is still the king, no matter what anybody says (go mope somewhere else, Edward). Few characters have been played by so many actors, in so many different ways, and continue to be reinvented constantly to stay fresh and vibrant throughout the years. These are a few of our top iterations of everyone’s favorite Transylvanian terror.  

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New Regency and 20th Century Fox just revealed the FIRST LOOK at Michael Fassbender as Callum Lynch in their upcoming film, ASSASSIN’S CREED. Check out the image below and prepare for #AssassinsCreedMovie!  

An all-new Lara Croft miniseries begins with Corinna Bechko at the helm!  

Humble Bundle, IDW and Hasbro, Inc. are re-teaming for a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS-themed comic book bundle. The award-winning publisher has faithfully adapted the iconic fantasy characters of D&D for comic books, and now fans will have the opportunity to pick up the full run in the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Humble Comics Bundle presented by IDW for a limited time.   

Video game consultancy powerhouse The Powell Group today announced that the PlayStation® store now offers themes for Red Sonja and Vampirella, intellectual properties published as comic books and graphic novels by Dynamite Entertainment. The PlayStation store has just added these exciting new PlayStation 4 (PS4) themes to their offerings, following the success of Red Sonja and Vampirella themes offered for the PlayStation3 (PS3). Red Sonja and Vampirella are long-standing comic book properties that have each been recently rebooted to wide acclaim.  

2K and Turtle Rock Studios released a new video feature for Evolve, the 4v1 shooter featuring four Hunters cooperatively fighting to take down a single-player controlled monster. In Behemoth Plays Behemoth, bassist and backing vocalist Orion from Metal Blade Records recording artist Behemoth, is joined by George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, lead vocalist for Metal Blade’s Cannibal Corpse, as they visit 2K Headquarters for an exclusive look at Evolve’s newest and largest playable monster character.  

IDW Games is on the case! Get ready to hunt down the city’s super-powered serial killers in a new line of tabletop games based off the Powers graphic novels. Powers, by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, is an Eisner Award winning super hero noir series that was recently adapted for television by PlayStation network. The Powers game line will include card, board, and dice games each focusing on different situations and characters from the series.  

Today, IDW announced it would release a line of The Godfather tabletop games ranging from quick-to-play card and dice games to big box strategic board games. Paramount Pictures’ The Godfather is widely recognized among the most revered films of all-time.  

The Big Kahuna Gaming, Hard Music, News, Toys 1 Comment did our annual tour through the halls of Toy Fair NYC. We talked to the guys from Bif Bang Pow about “The Greatest Band In the World…KISS…Umbrella!!!  

Today, IDW Games announced the official release date for the first in a series of CHEW tabletop games. CHEW: Cases of the FDA will be available in May of 2015. This fast-paced, high-laughs card game features art by Rob Guillory, including a brand-new box cover, as well as text by CHEW creator and writer, John Layman. IDW Games tapped designer Kevin Wilson (Descent, X-Files, Arkham Horror) to create an appropriately over-the-top card game worthy of the CHEW name.  

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Pioneering game system creator LyteShot Inc. unveiled today the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the LyteShot platform, the groundbreaking mobile gaming platform that turns any place in the world into your gaming arena. The open cloud-based interactive platform reimagines mobile gaming on iOS and Android smart phones to include the next generation of heads-up displays (HUD) for unlimited real-world multiplayer experiences.  

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