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We caught up with the great Neal Adams at this weekends Boston Comic Con 2011. neal spoke about his future plans for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Dark Horse’s Blood! is front and center at this years Pittsburgh Comic Con. First up, The Universally known Jim Starlin. Mr Starlin talks about starting in comic books and his new book coming from Image comics in May…Breed 3!  

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks fits childhood dreams into a busy mainstream schedule as the voice of Lois Lane in “All-Star Superman”  

Hey all you Superman fans, NYC had its East Coast premiere of All Star Superman on all days…Valentine’s Day!!! Well, Christina Hendricks was at the premiere and we caught up with Lois Lane in NYC…  

So, all you comic book geeks out there, New Yorks very own Silver Age Comics recently celebrated 20 years in business. To celebrate that milestone, the guys at Silver Age threw one hell of a shindig! Here are some video highlights from the bash…  

To vocally craft the characters within the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, the production brain trust of DC Entertainment, Warner Premiere, Warner Home Video and Warner Bros. Animation is smart enough to employ the best in the business – on both sides of the microphone.  

So, as you may have heard, Marvel has been teasing all month long on the “What Do You Fear” slogan and campaign with some of it’s most famous heroes. Well, seems fear is coming to the Marvel Universe in 2011.  

Resident Super Woman Gail Simone speaks to from the ever humongous NY Comic Con 2010.  

One 1/2 of the DC big Kahuna’s, Mr. Dan DiDio spoke to from the floor of the NY Comic Con – 2010. Check out what DiDio had to say about the new team at DC, The Outsiders and acting it out!? continues its jaunt through the caverns of this years (2010) NY Comic Con. Up next…the one and only Billy Tucci. Check out his 3 minute version of Batman!!!  

Robert Kirkman, creator of the comic book The Walking Dead, was front and center at this years New York Comic Con 2010. He spoke to about the upcoming premiere of his comic turned TV show “The Walking Dead” on AMC.  

Hey, so Chicago’s C2E2 was a bust for many, we know here at we had a really bad time at the show, getting there, thin crowds, misplaced hotel reservations and a speeding ticket in Indiana trying to get the hell out of there. But one good thing did happen at the show, our neighbor was none other than Menton J. Mathews III, upcoming super artist, painter. Currently working for IDW. Check out this video interview we did with Menton as we waited for the crowds that never came.  

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