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As Metal Machine dusts off some of their older video interviews. We came across a video interview with Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam. Check out what Mr.Suydam had to say about the first ever NYCC!!! recently caught up with actor Michael Rooker, recently of Merle fame from the AMC hit “The Walking Dead” was at this years XCON Comic Con in South Carolina and Rooker spoke all things Walking Dead, Harrison Ford and his upcoming role in the Marvel mega blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy Yondu? Check out the video below…  

Metal Machine recently caught up with mega creator Todd McFarlane in NYC. Todd was at New York’s Midtown Comics signing his recently released The Art Of Todd McFarlane: The Devil’s In The Details. Todd sat down and talked about his career, his beginnings and what’s going on with that most delayed Spawn movie? See below. caught up with Thanos creator Jim Starlin this past weekend at the annual Baltimore Comic Con. Mr. Starlin spoke about all things Breed, Comics and Thanos.  

Fan Popular comic book artist Amanda Conner spoke exclusively to about her up coming involvement with the DC project Before Watchmen. caught up with Amanda at this years Megacon 2012 in Orlando, FL.  

Fan favorite artist/creator Darwyn Cooke spoke to from the floor of this years Megacon 2012 in Orlando, FL. Darwyn spoke about the controversy surrounding Before Watchmen, the up coming seven series prequel books to the much loved and revered Watchmen comic book. Cooke will be working on two of those projects…The Minutemen and Silk Spectre. Check out the video interview below…  

Batman artist Greg Capullo spoke to from the floor of this years Megacon 2012 in Orlando. Greg spoke all things Batman, his time at Image and did he or didn’t he participate in Megacon 1997!  

Kevin Conroy, the legendary voice of Batman, spoke to from NYC, where the voice actor was part of the Red Carpet ceremony of the up coming release “Justice League:Doom. Kevin spoke about once again playing Batman, his other voice work and what’s in store for te caped crusader…  

The voice of Vandal Savage from the up coming DC Comics/Warner release “Justice League: Doom Phil Morris spoke to from the Pasley Center in NYC. Check out what he had to say about Vandal, playing J’onn J’onzz and Justice League:Doom.  

Casting Director Andrea Romano talked to from the NYC premiere for the much anticipated release of the latest DC Comics/Warner Video “Justice League: Doom. Mrs. Romano spoke to about the process used to cast voice actors and what her job entails. Check out the video below.  

No not really, but if Phil ever wants to come and work for, we’ll be more than happy to hire him! here’s Phil turning the tables on our VJ Andrew Sanford. Phil interviews Andrew from the floor of the NYCC. on a serious note, check out what Phil has to say about his upcoming project for 2012…  

The Dynamic Duo Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning were front and center at this years New York Comic Con. The Duo was signing all weekend long for the Hero Initiative. Andrew Sanford from caught up with the team at the Con…  

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