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If there’s one way to describe Daughters, it’s “enigmatic.” The grindcore-turned-noise rock outfit rears its head once again, coming back from the grave in full form. Granted, they reformed in 2013, but still… It’s only now that they’re putting an album out. If they weren’t doing anything then, this is the biggest deal for fans of the band since then. After their appearances with The Dillinger Escape Plan at the end of last year, Daughters went from being an underground act to… an… upper tier underground band? It’s hard to explain, but all of a sudden there were plenty of people who suddenly knew who this band was and were anxious for something new. Having not done anything but record since last year, take this as them breaking their silence since last December. In the most harrowing and experimental of ways, of course.

I gotta say, for a noise rock band that’s not KEN mode (Albeit that band is much sludgier) Daughters are getting quite a lot of recognition and hype for You Won’t Get What You Want. With bands like Full of Hell and The Body making use of noise in their sets to push extremity, as well as bands like the former KEN mode, there seems to be a growing fanbase for these artistic, heavy music acts that can fit in with metal bands, yet aren’t necessarily metal. Is Daughters a metal band? I think not, as that label is too limiting for what You Won’t Get What You Want offers.

There’s a slight industrial tint to Daughters’ latest, yet that only offers the band some versatility in their songwriting. No song sounds the same from the one before it or after, and the janky, highly dissonant chords over a simply kick-snare beat is just casual enough for you to bob your head and ask yourself “What the hell is going on?” at the same time. “The Reason You Hate Me” is definitely among the more straightforward tracks on the album, and even still it’s just a window into the varying tempos and keyboard sounds present here. Daughters aren’t limiting themselves, and even more so they treat this album more like an art house film than a collection.

It’s best digested in a sitting with full engagement and no breaks in between. With a slow burn in its first tracks, the album truly grabs you and engages you with “Satan in the Wait.” as it’s a disorienting and discomforting experience, yet once the song opens up and adds some proper melody the song comes together in an infectiously, obscure way that’s borderline meditative. Granted, the two tracks before it could have been better, but in the grand context of the album they serve their purpose. Not necessarily bad, either, but it’s just Daughters opting to start at 20 mph rather than the 50 and 60 they start to push later on.

“The Flammable Man” and “The Lords Song” are two, back-to-back quick songs in comparison to the rest of the album, and still its the closest the band will get to their older grindcore style. That’s not saying a lot, either, as the former makes more sound with a guitar in two minutes that I didn’t even know were possible. Yet it’s not the past dwellings of Daughters that propels this album, but rather how much farther each song takes the band from their point of origin. “City Song” to “Guest House” is nothing short of an adventure, and one that ends on a high note for the band’s career. There’s plenty of remarkable material here, but going out on one of the highest gives the album a sense of completion upon its summation. It’s like – holy shit – a band actually thought about dynamics and flow when it comes to their album.

Every so often there comes an album that I enjoy that I know I cannot recommend to everyone. Daughters are probably aware that their brand of experimental noise rock isn’t for everyone, but there’s many who would certainly find the same merits in You Won’t Get What You Want that I do. Essentially, this is a challenging release, one that doesn’t ask you to become background music to your going ons, but instead forces you to pay attention. It’s a finely crafted and cinematic release, and perhaps one of the more interesting endeavors you’ll find coming your way this year.

You Won’t Get What You Want is out everywhere today. You can stream “Satan in the Wait” below.

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