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Shin Godzilla 1The Godzilla franchise has been doing quite for itself since its resurrection in 2014. With the Legendary Pictures film doing quite well for itself critically and financially and Toho’s Shin Godzilla generating tremendous success in Japan, it would seem the deal between the two to share the iconic kaiju was nothing but good tidings for the companies. 

With Godzilla: Monster Planet set to premiere this year in Japan and on Netflix, fans are gearing up for the first animated Godzilla film, the first in a proposed trilogy. With two more films in their sights, one must wonder where the Shin Godzilla sequel is, especially since the film left it open as a possibility. Speaking at G-Fest XXIV, Shin Godzilla co-director revealed the following tidbit of information:

“A lot of people have questions. ‘When is the next Japanese Godzilla movie coming out?’ They cannot make it until after 2020.” 

This is due to an agreement between Legendary and Toho, and as such it may dampen the mood of some fans at first. However, it’s entirely logical: with Monster Planet coming out this year, it would take some time to develop a sequel. With the Legendary Godzilla sequel scheduled to arrive in March of 2019, a rushed sequel would reduce profits for both Monster Planet and the Legendary sequel. And with Godzilla vs. Kong coming in May of 2020, that leaves little to no time for a movie by Toho to come out in that time frame.

As such, we could see Godzilla take a break stateside after 2020 and let characters like Kong, Mothra, and Rodan helm movies of their own as Toho develops the next films they have planned. It would also give chief director Hideaki Anno more than enough time to finish the fourth Evangelion film, of which fans have been clamoring for for quite some time.

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