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Dead Earth PoliticsFinally! After waiting what felt like centuries, Dead Earth Politics, from my own backyard, Austin, Texas (ATX for the cool kids), rockers to the rolling hills paradise and usurpers to the metal throne, have allowed me to review their new masterpiece! The follow up to The Queen of Steel last year, a second album of their planned trinity, Men Become Gods! Transcend the mere mortality, and click further to read what self-made gods sound like!

This album is their mid-step in the trilogy, and musically, I like it better than The Queen of Steel. Queen felt odd, and never really grabbed me, as the way the songs were done never just grabbed my attention. That all went away with the first few seconds of Casting Stones on Men Become Gods. The album feels smoother, the vocals mesh so much better with the music, and they feel like a band that has been around for at least a decade. Its a better release, in terms of quality and execution.

They still have that great metal sound, and they play the songs with confidence. The sound and technique are perfect, great heavy rock or lighter shade of metal. Feels akin to the old school bands of the 80s/90s. The midway point between modern standard metal and the hair stuff, when vocalists could hit high notes with impunity and talent. They have an Iced Earth feels, that’s what keeps coming to my mind. They have the same energy as this legendary band, and I can see them getting that ON, if they can keep this pace up. They have all the talent, hopefully they have the drive to match!

The album is 4 songs long, and the songs aren’t epics, nor are they little dips into the sonic pool. The tracks are Casting Stones, Men Become Gods, Ice & Fire, and Crimson Dichotomy. The songs are played with the aforementioned talent, with that being the ability to write and play engaging music, not to show off how fast they can shred or how riffy they can get, but to definitely write a rock solid song that will leave you tapping whatever piece of your body can move long after the song stopped playing outside your head. The album being 4 songs also works well in it’s favor, because its not going to take up an hour or more of your time, and the songs don’t necessarily rely on each other, so picking a favorite is encouraged. Personally, Men Become Gods is my favorite, as it recalls a golden age of rocking metal releases, and its good for anytime listening. Bang your head proudly when you listen to these guys, it’s only polite! The album is also topped of with great artwork depicting a ziggurat surrounded by what looks like bloody war, as a new god is created at its peak. Its a great visual, and is in following with the graphics on The Queen of Steel. Right now, this is my pick for my personal album of the month, no questions about it.

Look for Men Become Gods to drop March 14th!

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