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It’s officially Fall; and that means its horror comics season. Time to crack open the long boxes and dust off some October classics, and if you’re looking to buy some weirdo funny books than you’re in luck! Every publisher under the sun will be doing just that and are already  getting the shelves fit for new books and reprints galore; and no publisher more so than Dark Horse. And for your money, it doesn’t get any better than their Eerie reprints. Every four months we get another slab of old horror goodness, but this is the 6th year of reprints from the Eerie vault. But what the hell is Eerie you ask, and why should you care?




For the uninitiated, Eerie is part of the Warren Publishing holy trinity of oversized magazine comics. Eerie stood alongside its fraternal twin Creepy, and big sister Vampirella back in the day which makes three. All of these are absolute treasuries of fantastic horror comic, and more than deserving of the reprint treatment. Horror comics were never better than in the 60’s. Working to circumvent the CCA gave horror comics a sense of purpose; to be as outlandish as possible.

This particular collection of Eerie offerings the Eerie Archive #17, collecting issues 81-85 of the original series, is really hit and miss. It all depends on how much of Eerie’s longer running serials. You see, this is the volume collecting 3 entire issues of Rook-centric issues. Rather than horror, or even thriller, Rook is more of an edge of the seat sci-fi story. Now they may not take up the entire issue they appear in, but they do get top billing and a bigger page count than the one shots that share a cover. So going into this collection; expect a lot of Rook. Far from a bad thing, for those who’ve never read imagine John Wayne meets Dr. Who, but far from the kinda thing you’d expect from your first Eerie collection.

But rest assured, the rest of this volume is absolutely fantastic; nothing beats a good horror anthology. The first issue is a set of 7 stories themed around a giant woman; each story taking a different route with the central theme. King Kong-style building climbing to ancient alien overlords, this is a real old-school read. Every story is oozing with personality, with art to match. If you’ve never really read an oldschool horror magazine you absolutely can’t go wrong with anything here.

So rest assured, you can’t go wrong with anything Eerie. Dropping 40 dollars on a hardcover may seem a bit pricey, but that’s honestly the only drawback to this entire line of reprints. Skimp out on a few pumpkin spice coffees and treat yourself to some horror comics gems instead.

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