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This article is merely about numbers. I have not seen this film yet, thus have no insight on how it has actually been executed. However, from reading what has been on the up-and-up through out the internet there seems to be a lot of low balling initiated in what the number of box office sales from opening weekend of Pacific Rim will entail. Forbes Magazine is pegging it to be a disaster as where Legendary pictures is sitting with crossed fingers and hoping hearts that it’s a success. Let’s start with the basic mathematics for production. The cost for this film ranges anywhere between $180-$200 million dollars to produce. Legendary Pictures funded the majority of the project with the backing of Warner Brothers with a minute $25 million solely to ensure name and distribution rights. Thus, Legendary has a lot of chips put in the pot of success for this summer block buster. This is all well and good considering both companies have a considerably large name and failure would mean merely a chip on the sculpture of all they have created. So who loses out if the movie is a flop? Who is really effected by it’s not so imminent failure? This film is Guillermo Del Toro’s baby. When listening to him speak last October at NYCC he was writhed with excitement in talking about his monster movie and how he has always had an obsession for creatures. Yet, as opening closes in it is not Pacific Rim that he is worried about. The success of this film paves the way for him to create his masterpiece in which he has been eyeing for quite some time. If this hits really big, Guillermo del Toro is in a position to go to Legendary Pictures and ask for funding for his dream project, an R-rated, $150 million adaption of H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. If I have ever had faith in a director to do something against to odds, it would be Del Toro. Pan’s Labyrinth was the perfect concoction of marketing genius in the sense that it led viewers to believe it was an entirely different concept than what was advertised. Hellboy was one of the most aesthetically astounding comic book film adaptations to date. He has been a writer for The Hobbit and produced so many many fantastic film that it is sound and sane to say that he knows his ways about the industry. So what kind of sorcery and weapons does this man have fighting for him? There is not an abundance of summer block buster films battling his baby in the upcoming months. The Wolverine is airing on July 26th, however, please excuse me for not holing my breath on this one after the atrocity that was Wolverine Origins. Less this Pacific Rim seems in the clear to bang out some millions from summer going individuals flocking to the cinema to avoid the heat. What is also an interesting lack of faith in this film is that it is a completely original screenplay and concept. The entirety of major films to open this summer and all through last year were either remakes, reboots, adaptations, sequels, or musicals. For the love of christ, can we just be happy that it’s not a Mary Fucking Poppins remake? It’s monsters and goddamn robots, converted to 3D, how is this not going to be epic? It is completely understandable that the 3D is kind of an unnecessary cost, but it’s great revenue if it’s done well and is going to look awesome regardless. Though the studio is hoping to produce $70 million opening weekend it is only projected to gross $30 million. That’s quite the low ball hit. Most of these numbers come from a minimized demographic that critics believe to be a small group of people between their 20′s and 30′s. This is absolutely not the case. This film targets people from many many outlets. Did critics take into consideration that there hasn’t been a seriously fantastic moister movie since the ’80s? Furthermore, less Cloverfield, the United States had never cinematically seen a monster invasion to our home land. Let’s also just say if you could make it through Cloverfield without using your popcorn bag as a puke catcher that it wasn’t the most fantastic representation either. I’ve purposely not read reviews on this film yet because I have imminent faith that it is going to be good. Del Toro puts his soul into his films and it really shows. For this reason I’ll put my faith in him and give him the option to do what he does best, which is deliver fucking awesome movies full of action and adventure with originality and poise. These simple facts alone make him far superior to anything else you’re probably watching right now.

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