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There are a lot of rumors trolling around this weekend about favorites becoming television shows. Fan’s are buzzing about a potential show for the highly successful game, Halo, that is rumored to be a promotional work for Xbox One’s new television-like feature. There is also talks of a Wonder Woman show coming into existence after seeing the pilot of the Amazonian last year.
It should come as no surprise that a Halo television series would be in the works. The game is more or less single handedly responsible for generating mass success for Microsoft’s console. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer would like to build off the franchise in creating a live action series based on the Bungie classic. In an interview with Polygon, Spencer stated “I think much like Halo begat the Xbox,” also, “I think the Halo TV series can have a pretty dramatic impact on how people think about television.”
This all get’s better. The series, announced at Microsot’s Xbox One announcement is to be produced by Stephen Spielberg who as apparently had a long time “affinity for Halo”.
“We’ve been a first-party in the gaming space for over a decade now,” Spencer said, “and bringing Nancy Tellem into the Microsoft Studios family is an important mark for us as we think about where … interactivity and social, some of the things that apply to gaming, how that might apply to television.”
Spencer said “we had some success with [digital series Halo: Forward Unto Dawn] and thought ‘Now where can this go?'”
“I’ll be honest,” he said, “we’re early in terms of what the creative will be and we’ll share more as it goes forward.”

Also in other news, the Wonder Woman television project is back underway. This will be the third attempt to recreate the classic character in the last 3 years. CW is not giving up on her though. The television pilot labeled “Amazon” is currently going through the process of a rewrite including writer Aron Eli Coleite of Heroes. Mark Pedowitz of CW stated, “We do not want to produce something that doesn’t work for that particular character — it is the trickiest of all the DC characters to get done.” He is absolutely correct. Perhaps with a new writer, some old, and were talking OLD comic books, there can be some conclusion of character development leading into a successful show. One of the hugest reason why Wonder Woman’s character is so difficult to script is because of the massive amounts of changes that she has gone through since her first appearance in 1941. Inside and outside of her book she has gone through thriving story lines, being stripped of her powers for ten years, and even been made into a romance novel. With such a wide array of arches it should be known that she is a very difficult character to replicate. On top of that, which actress is going to play the viciously tall, dark and beautiful Amazonian? I’ve had my ideas and theories, but none have been up to standard. We shall see.

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