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It’s no surprise that any period piece from modern times is going to incorporate the crooked, backstabbing atrocity that is our financial industry. However, with a new twist from director Uwe Boll, we watch and cheer on a vigilante that stands for the bottom dog and everything he has been screwed out of. Metal Machine had the opportunity to attend the Soho film festival in downtown Manhattan this evening to watch Assault on Wall Street. Upon leaving the theater there were a lot of thoughts provoked about this film.
Instantly when this film begins it provokes the very essence of all that is Wall Street life. Vulgarity in the office, men wielding three piece suits of armor, and offices scattered with Bloomberg computers. We, as an audience, are instantly shown that these people do not care about their clients, and are truly there to only make a buck. FLASH, we’re presented with our protagonist Jim (Dominic Purecell), a hard working, middle class, military retiree who is battling some serious dramatic life changes, one of which including the faltering health of his wife, Rosie. Through an almost comedic catastrophe of unfortunate events our protagonist is left with next to nothing less his life and vengeance in his heart. Drowning in credit card debt, loss of all of his saving, and house foreclosure are just a few of the tragic instances that lead Jim to his breaking point. The target of his vengeance, the bastards in the financial industry who scammed him for all that he was worth. With a lucrative air from high intensity drama nausea that has you sitting in the edge of your seat praying that this man gets a break, this movie is a must see.

For anyone who has lived and seen the premise of this film lived out in everyday life, you find yourself rooting relentlessly for this mans success. You feel for him. You want him to have some flavor of right done by him. On top of a phenomenally crafted script filled with dry humor and epic badassery, this filming was beautiful. The attention to detail on arial shots over looking Manhattan were tastefully done. Even the sound editing of the burning of cigarettes added to the intense anticipation and questioning of what was going to happen next. This was the perfect cross between a gangster revenge film and a period piece. The only serious gripe that I had with this film was the epilogue. A great film can be ruined by a cheesy epilogue. However, this film was not. In hindsight of everything that has been happening in this country recently and the cases of many Americans lived vicariously through this one man, this movie is relatable and truthful. It airs in theaters May 10th, 2013.

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