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Amanda Harvey from Metal Machine had the privilege of speaking to Hatebreed’s guitarist Frank Novinec during a phone interview and asked him a couple of questions about their upcoming tour for the newest album, Divinity of Purpose.

Metal Machine: So you guys just got off tour with Lamb of God, Sylosis, and In Flames, are you guys ready to go right back on tour so soon and where are you heading?
Frank: The last leg of our last tour was in Europe and we’re heading back there again. We’re also doing a small tour in Russia. This will be our second time in Moscow and we’re touring with Every Time I die.
Metal Machine: You just recently recorded Divinity of Purpose with Slash Records. This is the fourth label you guys had recorded with, are you happy with the changes, and why the constant movement?
Frank: Everything has been great! The charting of the album has been amazing. This is the first time we have been on Billboards top 20. Being a progressively changing band we have had the option to change labels and we’re happy in doing so.
Metal Machine: It’s been 10 years since you guys have release of Perseverance, and you have been together for almost 20 years, what’s the most gratifying thing you can reflect on all of this success?
Frank: In 20 years we have been consistent to our fans and kept the ship afloat. A lot of other bands in our genre didn’t survive the trends. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without our dedicated fan base.


Metal MachineYou guys are constantly labeled as a crossover hardcore and metal band. Which of the two do you feel like your new album is tapping on more?
Frank: None of us really get caught up to much in the label of which we are. So long as we’re putting out music that that pleases the fans and brings them together at shows, that all we care about.
Metal Machine: What are you most excited about this upcoming year?
Frank: Definitely really excited for the high festival in Europe that we’re doing. There’s usually about 90,000 people in attendance and we’ve had such a warm welcoming in Europe that I’m really excited for that. I’m excited about going to new places, even though there aren’t that many new because we’ve toured to many places before. I’m really excited to tour new material, new songs, and definitely very excited about going back to Russia.

Metal Machine: Anything else you would like to add?
Frank: Pick up the new album, theres definitely a little something on there for everyone. Thank you so much to our fans!

Divinity of Purpose went on sale January 29th, and their tour is going on right now. Check it out!
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