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With all the hype about the recent trailers from Star Trek “Into Darkness”, some things are revealed in those trailers that if you stop and take a closer look, can reveal several things about the film. Below we took several screen shots of the recent extended teaser trailer.

So the first interesting image is this, what looks like a cryo chamber with sleeping people in pods. For those looking at Khan being the villain for Into Darkness, you will know from Star Trek mythos that Khan evolved from a race of superman who were created and then ruled part of the earth in the 1990′s as part of the Eugenics Wars. He and several others then escaped when he was rejected and escaped into cryo stasis where he awoke in the 23rd century. Hmmm.

Now this is a very interesting scene. Here is Benedict Cumberbatch who plays a mysterious character rumored to be the main villain of the movie. His name is “John Harrison”. If you look at the bottom right of the pic, you’ll see computer scribble and if you look closer a website URL What the hell is that?

Genesis Project anyone?

Are those slighty pointy ears on Cumberbatch? Some say he is part Vulcan, or can he be Romulan? Or can he just have slightly pointed ears?

Spock and Uhura getting some action?

Man throws ring into cup of water? Wha’s going on here. Does the insignia on the ring have any significance?

Kirk going off on someone? Is that Cumberbatch being wailed on?

Finally, the last scene in the trailer. It has what seems to be Spock and Cumberbatch touching hands through the glass. Would that explain the possible slightly pointy ears on Cumberbatch from the previous pic? Are they related…half brothers maybe? Or is this Spock and Kirk circa Wrath Of Khan? You decide. All will be revealed next June 2013 when Star Trek “Into Darkness” hits theaters.

Check out the full trailer here…Star Trek Trailer

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Kol Drake says:

Maybe those are chrono cyro pods and they are from the future… and the main villain is half human and half vulcan because he is the future ‘son of Spock’!

Erobe says:

Spock is already half-vulcan. Pretty sure that there is no way that John Harrison could be Spock’s brother and 1/4 Vulcan unless Spock’s mother Amanda had a child with another 1/2 Vulcan.

Chaka says:

His name is Benedict Cumberbatch!!


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