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Upon purchasing this movie, one must realize that this film is 93 minutes in length. I say this for your knowledge in knowing that this is 93 minutes of your life you will never get back. After 93 minutes, you as a viewer are stuck on your couch motionless questioning what exactly you have just seen.
Let me start at the beginning with a premise, Nazi’s in space. The idea(or lack there of) is that a portion of the Nazi party fled from Germany right before the ending of the war and took up residence on the dark side of the moon. Hidden in the shadow of light they raise their little dedicated Nazi community in the ways that Feuer Hitler would have wanted. With age old technology in space and a steampunk feel, they “function” as a working community with one purpose, to return to earth with a vengeance. Their plan goes awry when a ship from earth lands on the moon with some earthling visitors including James Washington(Christopher Kirby) whom they take captive. A few of the Nazi’s who have never laid eyes on an African American before become curious, especially one Renate Richter(Julia Dietze). Feeling badly for the experiments she knows that her comrades are going to preform on him, Renate gives Washington faith in her own curiosity for him to go along with the experiments and do what the reich asks so that he may live. The rest of this film is a farce filled with racism, parody, expulsion, and humor unbeknownst to any film of it’s kind.
There are many things that shocked me about this film, to say the least. First of all, the budget for this film was insane. I ponder to think of what a success other films with an actual purpose would have had with a budget like this one. The graphics and CGI were definitely something to write home about. Having watched this film on blu-ray it was extremely aesthetically pleasing. I’m sure many hours were put into the thought of design, and that was one of the greater points of this film.

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This writer does in fact understand that the film is meant to be a farce. There is even homage to Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dicatator. However, with no regard to subtlety, I found that the dialogue and writing was brash and distasteful. Charlie Chaplin was one of the most clever conception contortionists of all time. If you are going to mention him in a screen play, then you have obviously seen his works and are doing him a dishonor for featuring him in such a ill thought out and blunt script.
On top of a blatant lack respect for tasteful writing, there are so many tragically awful references stating that pop culture and life are related to the Nazi party. For instance, the only product that can run the Nazi space ship is an apple product. Implements of a character based on Sarah Palin stating that she works for the Nazi party. A complete mockery of the space program stating that they fly models to the moon. The election coordinator being a high fashion debutant. Come on guys… great comedy is about subtlety. You have to make us think we came up with the concept by ourselves, not put it right in front of us, especially in a film like this.
Needless to say, I hated this film. I thought it was tacky and repulsive. However, if laughing at ridiculousness and a complete lack of regard for content is your thing, then have at it. I’m sure someone out there has added this to their top 5. I’m a little upset to say the least. Nazi’s in space could have potentially been the greatest subject ever tapped in science fiction. Especially with a wasted budget like this one. Congratulations to the wonderful world of good Sci-fi! You’ve met you’re match… and it appropriately comes in the form of a swastika wielding nazi.

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