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With news coming out of the San Diego Comic Con, Marvels planned movie schedule seems to include several characters that might give us a clue about who might be showing up in the Avengers sequel…

Ant-Man – Director Edgar Wright has finally been given the green light for the long put off Ant-Man movie. Will Ant-Man show up in Avengers 2? If past Marvel movie cross-overs hold true, this one is a sure shot. The next question will be…where is WASP?

Falcon – News has been breaking on this one, as the next Captain America movie Captain America: Winter Soldier can have 2 potential characters appear in Avengers 2…Bucky Barnes, who becomes The Winter Soldier, a ruthless killing machine being used by the Russians for years after his “apparent death”. Also, making an appearance is The Falcon. Actor Anthony Mackie is the front runner to play one of Caps most loyal partners. Falcon is also a member of The Avengers, A little more diversity on the team can’t hurt.

Captain Marvel – With the announcement of Marvels next big movie The Guardians Of The Galaxy, is it safe to say that Captain Marvel won’t be far behind? Also, with Thanos slated as the uber villain of Avengers 2, it’s not far fetched to think that the Captain won’t be far behind.

Stay tuned to for more up to date movie info.

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    March 6th, 2013 at 1:30 am

    Miranda Kerr for Wasp if she can act.

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