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The Poster for The Rest of  Season 2 & Some Info About Season 3

*Warning: This article talks about “The Walking Dead” on AMC as if the reader has seen all of the episodes to date. In fact nearly all of my articles on TWD will be written that way, so if you haven’t seen season 1 or episodes 1-7 of season 2 be advised that there are spoilers ahead.

Also: you’re lame. What the Hell are you waiting for?? Get off your ass and go watch them right now! Oh, and there’s also some mature content & graphic images & shit in here too.

You have now been warned- read at your own risk.*

When the mid-season finale was announced I had known it was coming. I was aware of the episode schedule and the long hiatus planned from before the Holidays and into the New Year before I watched the first episode back in October. Did that mean it sucked any less for me since I should’ve been prepared for it? Hell no! It still sucked more than a Twilight Saga marathon on top of having teeth pulled. It also didn’t help that I’d basically figured out what the big “twist” in episode 7 was going to be, although I still very much enjoyed the whole Barn-walker massacre. But I knew the days would be long and Sundays would hold nothing for me to look forward to until the show returned.

I expressed my feelings about the whole thing visually with these:

So now there’s a mid-season premiere?

Isn’t that really just saying that the season is coming back again as planned and trying to make that sound fancier than it really is? Technically neither term is being accurately applied; episode 7 wasn’t a finale because it wasn’t the ending of anything, it was just the episode that marked the approximate middle of the series and the start of a break and what’s premiering in Feb. is just the next episode in the sequence of the season. I can only guess that every new episode is now a premiere.

To mark the occasion AMC even released a poster/new piece of artwork:

It seems to sum up the new attitude that Rick will be demonstrating for the second half of the season- or at least I hope it does.

Am I the only person who feels like as soon as he got to that farm Rick misplaced his spine? I know he had Carl getting shot to deal with and all of that, but he did whatever crazy thing Hershel asked him to do in order to stay on “his” farm when really he should’ve just said to the loony, bible-thumping old racist:

“Yeah, um my people and I? We’re staying on your farm. Period.” He also should’ve told him “Oh, and we’re moving into your giant freaking house because we’re all tired of camping in your yard. This whole cooking everything over an open fire, sleeping on the ground, using your cattle well-water instead of a sink, and peeing in the freaking bushes while you and yours have a fully-functioning kitchen, extra bedrooms with extra beds, and hot running water 20 f#%king feet away that you won’t let us use just isn’t working anymore.”

But seriously; I’m tired of Shane running around thinking he’s better than everyone else (not that he hasn’t been acting that way from the very start) and I want to see Rick step up and remind him which one of them was Sherriff and which was just a Deputy. I want to see Rick back to at his old self again- the Rick that did this kind of shit:

I was glad he was the one who had the balls to do what had to be done with Sophia, showing everyone that he still has it in him to survive in this world; I just wish that would be the end of it for him. But instead I foresee him ending up more shaken and full of self-doubt and guilt than ever. In fact he probably only made himself shoot Sophia because he felt like it was his fault she ended up that way, making it his responsibility to take care of her both because he’s the only one who deserves to live with the demons that would come with it, and because he feels like he has to face fully the result of his failure.

As for the general happenings for the rest of the season I have a few bits of info that was more or less leaked.

I’m giving my whole SPOILERS AHEAD- READ AT YOUR OWN RISK warning again for anyone who doesn’t want to know & wants everything to be a surprise. Those people should skip to the end and the part about a 3rd season.

I love Norman Reedus for many reasons but the one I’m thinking of right now is because he seems to have trouble keeping things secret.

One thing we pretty much know is that Daryl and Shane have some kind of major confrontation that results in a physical fight with Shane as the likely winner. This comes from Norman’s complaints about his on-set injuries during the 7th episode of “The Talking Dead” where upon describing them he says “and then Jon Bernthal basically beats the shit out of me.”

I’m guessing the two actors didn’t get into a drunken brawl.

Daryl vs. Shane; I’m dying to see something like that happen. Ideally shirtless and with some kind of oil involved…

Mr. Reedus also gave away the impending introduction of a new character this season during a phone interview with Curt Wagner of RedEye on December 29, 2011 regarding his recent win in RedEye’s 2011 Best TV Character Tournament:

Curt: Let’s talk a little about what we can expect on “The Walking Dead” in February.

Norman: A lot of action. I think we’re kind of done talking for the second half of Season 2. [Laughs.] I mean, you have to do some talking to set up storylines and stuff, but I know people want to see things get splattered. [Laughs.] But in the second half, things, the violence steps up.

Curt: Awesome.

Norman: It gets pretty crazy. And I think a new character is introduced.

Curt: A new character?

Norman: Yeah, which I can’t tell you who, but it’s definitely a comic book favorite.

Curt: Oh, is it The Governor?

Norman: Hmm. [Laughs.]

My guess for the new character? Michonne.

Robert Kirkman said in that same episode of “Talking Dead” mentioned above that he’s anxious to get her in there just so people would stop asking him when he was going to put her in the show. But Kirkman/AMC would neither confirm nor deny plans for the katana-wielding walker-killer to show up this season during their time at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, CA yesterday. However what AMC did confirm was that the third season of “Walking Dead” will consist of 16 episodes and that AMC’s international broadcast partner FOX International Channels (FIC) will continue to air them worldwide. Do you know what that means?!?

Next year they’ll have enough episodes for TWO mid-season finales! Yay!!

AMC is going to have a season 1 marathon Saturday, Feb. 11 starting at 8 pm, and then another with the first half of season 2 on Sunday starting at 1:30 pm, all to get us ready for the new episode-I’m sorry, I mean the mid-season premiere– at 9:00 pm. “The Talking Dead” will also have a new episode that night.

The wait will be over and all will be right in the universe once again.

Except I just found out that I’ll probably end up missing it because my lame-ass sister scheduled her C-section for Friday, Feb. 10th!

Now I’m going to end up being stuck helping her and my brother-in-law and holding/taking care of my newborn nephew the entire weekend and missing out on everything! Doesn’t she know I have plans that weekend for this major event that I’ve been waiting like, forever for?! I mean, she’s had him in there for almost 9 months now-what’s a few more days? Couldn’t she just hang on to him until after the weekend for me?

I tried explaining all of this to her and she just glared before totally freaking out and going all psycho-preggo on me. Clearly she has hormones messing with her brain because she just does not get it.

Some people are just so self-centered!


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