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Check Out Blade Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before as the Last of Marvel TV Premiers

Not doing anything Sunday 1/15 at 11pm ET/PT? Enjoy watching action-packed supernatural monster slaughter delivered by a vampire/human hybrid known as the Daywalker? Ever see an awesomely horrible Japanese movie with school children fighting each other to the death titled “Battle Royale”?

So maybe that last one is a “no” for many of you but I’ve seen it and trust me; it’s so violently wrong that it’s just right and clearly written by a very warped, brilliantly messed up mind. The mind of a guy named Kenta Fukasaku in fact, who is also the writer for the “Blade” anime series premiering on G4.

If you aren’t really an anime fan or maybe you just haven’t seen any yet, Marvel’s four series’ are, in my opinion, excellent ways to experience  the genre.  Starting off with “Iron Man” and “Wolverine” in July of 2011, then “X-Men” in October, and now culminating with “Blade”, G4’s partnership with Marvel has certainly paid off for the network, reaching 1.2 million viewers with “X-Men” as part of its Friday night line-up, a 55% increase within their key demographic.  Equally high expectations are set for “Blade”, which will air 12 half-hour episodes every week.

As most of you probably know, Blade is the assumed title of the man Eric Brooks, whose mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant with him. This gave her unborn son all of the benefits of the vampire virus: strength, speed, agility- but none of the weaknesses. Immune to silver and untouched by sunlight, the one vulnerability he did inherit is the unending thirst for human blood, which he must constantly struggle to resist. Determined to avenge his mother and to take out Existance– a deeply rooted vampire organization that’s spread all across Asia- Blade travels the world; killing vamps and fending off bloodthirsty monsters. With the hunter Makoto at his side, he searches for the vampire Deacon Frost and for answers.

It looks like it’ll be filled with scary-looking vamps that explode into fire, slaying via sword and shiny silver stakes, fighting, bloodshed, more fighting and slaying and fire- so general awesomeness.

Eric Brooks/Blade will be played by Harold Perrineau; a super-sexy super-brilliant actor who I fell in love with when his amazing performance as Mercutio in Baz Lurhmann’s “Romeo + Juliet.” He all but over-shadowed Leo’s interpretation of Romeo, though he may be a bit better known for playing Link in the 2nd and 3rd installments of the “Matrix” trilogy, or for his role on “LOST”.

I already explained about the writer, and the director is Mitsuyuki Masuhara, who also directed “Chi’s Sweet Home” and “Kobato,” with music by the renowned Japanese composer Tetsuya Takahashi. You know, the guy who’s also the co-founder and head of the game software company Monolith Soft, Inc. who worked on and/or created games like Xenosaga, Xenogears, Xenoblade, Ghost in the Shell, and several installments of the Final Fantasy series. He’s also composed some of the most beautiful music on the “Appleseed, Resident Evil: Degeneration, Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker,” and Halo: Legends soundtracks/scores.

Basically it’s some very talented people putting this thing together.

I’d just recently found myself missing Blade and wishing for a weekly TV series about him and his unique personal struggle/personal mission. The only vampire/human hybrid who hunts the creatures whose nature he also shares; cursed to walk in both worlds but belong to neither…

Of course I was thinking live-action, perhaps starring J. August Richards, and a weekly hour-long episode on HBO or something so that the sex/violence/gore could be worthy of such a character- but I’m excited about this, too. I’m also interested in checking out the “Wolverine” anime episodes now that I’m aware of their existence. If it’s Wolverine I have to see it. That’s just how it is.

So if you’re at all interested check out the premier on G4 and then let us know what you thought of it. Maybe after I watch episode 1 I’ll write a short review and do the same.

Can you blush?


**Note: So there seems to be some discrepancy as far as when “Blade” is airing: the G4 website says 1/13 at 11pm. My cable/Tivo here in CA has it premiering 11pm 1/15 then airing again at 6am. If it is, in fact, premiering tonight at 11pm then this article isn’t going to be much help to you as far as catching it in time. It will let you know that it exists and where to find it, which I didn’t know until I started looking into it. I’m sure the first episode will air again or be available on the G4 website, and my apologies for not posting this fast enough to be in time.**

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