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Following release of The God Album a few months ago to critical acclaim, MONSTERWORKS already has a new album recorded, mixed, mastered and ready to go to a good home.  Entitled Album of Man, it is the natural musical and thematic progression from The God Album, with the best production yet and a few new twists.  The band is looking for a distribution partner/record label to unleash this next chapter upon an unsuspecting world.     

Please contact monsterworks@hotmail.com with all inquiries.  

MONSTERWORKS has also recently completed a new DIY video for “God,” the title track from The God Album, released on February 28th through Casket Music. Check it out at:


As if all this wasn’t enough, earlier this month the band spent five days at Earth Terminal Studios, Hampshire, UK to lay down tracks for a yet further album.  Vocalist/Guitarist Jon had this to say:

“We went really old school with this one, recording most of the instrumentation live to 24 track tape to get a much more organic result than you usually find with most metal bands these days.  Modern production techniques tend to be clinical as fuck and can lose some of the heart and soul of the music.  This album sounds like it comes straight out of the 70s (before they ruined snare sounds in the 80s) with song-writing that, while having retro elements, is a clear step into the future.  It will be amazing when it is all put together over the next month or two.”

Everything You Believe is a Lie



The Enemy of My Enemy


False Miracle


Let It Go

(Hymn of) Fire

Critical Praise for The God Album!

“I’ve been unable to locate a weakness in the band’s musical armor. Bottom line, this is a fantastic album from start to finish. Once you begin listening to The God Album, you won’t want to stop.” – The Ripple Effect

“An intelligently developed lyrical concept, some fantastic individual performances, a powerful production and some quite stunning songs…The God Album has it all. Monsterworks have really outdone themselves with The God Album.” – Metal Team UK

“A solid album full of good songwriting and playing and that doesn’t sound like insert-band-from-style-of-the-week here. Go check it out.” -MetalShip (9/10)  

“The God Album by Monsterworks is a very different album that tries to stay original and does a nice job of it. In the long run, it’s a fresh idea, and for that alone it’s worth checking out. The band clearly has talent, and The God Album nicely shows it.” – Apochs.net (8/10)

“Monsterworks have a creative style that they have chosen to use as the medium for presenting their message to the world. Journey with them to the promise land…truth.” – Blistering.com [Rating: 8/10]

“Their music is equally deep and poignant – taking traditional influences like Priest and Maiden and supercharging them to create intense songs. Elsewhere they show a more sensitive, almost trippy side that contrasts amazingly well with those Strapping Young Lad type blastbeats. …wonderful discovery.” – Battle Helm

“If you like experimental metal with passages of different styles, do not hesitate to give a listen to a band unknown to the vast majority in these parts, but with “The God Album” is calling your ears with force.”- Queens of Steel (8/10)

“Monsterworks steps up to fill an interesting void that I didn’t know existed. The God Album is a really good listen.” – Funeral Rain Zine  

“They blend Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Thrash metal together quite nicely. The music is quite brutal at times, other times it’s quite mellow and melodic, always well written.” – Minacious.org

“Mixed all together we have a unique entity called Monsterworks that can bring the hammer down with absolute ragers such as “Monomythic” and “False Miracle” or create huge epic heaviness like ‘God’ or ‘Let It Go.'” – Wormwood Chronicles

“When these guys are really at the top of their game they are amazing and carve out a sound that feels unique. A very interesting release from a band that has a unique sound.” 

– Cosmos Gaming

“A mix of metal genres that gives a little bit of something for everyone. Monsterworks makes it enjoyable on a lot of different levels. The album simply takes an intellectual approach to a very difficult topic and puts some sweet ass music to it.” – WeLoveMetal.com

Exclusive streams of “Everything you Believe is a Lie” and “God” available from Apochs.net:


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