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Ironwood announces the release of their new album Storm Over Sea. The album is available for purchase in a luxurious digipak format with 24 page booklet, however the band has also made the entire album available for free download from their website.

Mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö at Sweden’s Unisound Studios, the new release is Ironwood’s celebration of the beauty, majesty, and fury of the ocean – literally and figuratively, for this is an album of spiritual and psychological dimensions as much as it is a deed of nature worship.

“We’re extremely proud of this release,” explained vocalist/bassist Henry Lauer, “and we’re confident that once people hear it they’ll be more than tempted to pick up a copy of the physical CD. So jump in and download away!”

Storm Over Sea, is available for purchase from the Ironwood website (www.ironwoodsound.com.au), with other distribution channels will follow shortly.


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Early Reviews of Storm Over Sea:

“Australia’s Ironwood are probably one of the most eclectic and diverse bands that you’re ever gonna meet – from Pavor to Pink Floyd to Enslaved to Death – except that the essence of their music goes beyond audio / visual gratification to facilitate a spiritual journey to explore one’s self consciousness.”
– Shan Siva, Battlehelm –


“In my opinion Ironwood are a very original folk/progressive/black metal band and if you are a fan of bands that mix these styles together, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS: ‘Infinite Sea,’ ‘Weather The Storm,’ and ‘A Bond To Sever.’ RECOMMENDED BUY.”
– A Different Shade of Black Zine –


“Complex, sophisticated and exquisite music…a high-class mixture of Folk Metal with Black and Death Metal, all under a Progressive spell…

9.5 [out of 10].”
– Adrian, Pest Webzine –


“[An] encompassing experience that reaches far behind simply listening…this album is amazing…truly epic and inspired.”
– JB Willis, The Metal Den –




Hail Sign
Infinite Sea
Arctic Tern
Weather the Storm
Share the Burden
Will to Live
A Bond to Sever
When it’s All Over


Ironwood hails from Sydney, Australia. A channel for forces elemental and spiritual, Ironwood’s unique fusion of progressive|folk|metal invokes spiralling atmospheres and dark vistas.
Emerging in late 2006 in the Sydney metal scene, Ironwood rapidly established themselves as a frighteningly intense live ensemble, while simultaneously seducing more than a few hard bitten metal heads to the pleasures of folk and progressive music.

Their initial limited edition self titled EP release (2007) was greeted with celebration by critics and fans alike, and is sold out.

Ironwood then proceeded to release :Fire:Water:Ash:, their expansive debut album, in 2009. Again the critical and fan response was resoundingly positive.

After a select string of ecstatic launch performances in several Australian cities, Ironwood resolved to leap immediately back into song writing for ther sophomore effort.

The band’s second full length album, Storm Over Sea, is currently in post-production for a 2010 release. It sees the band delve much deeper into their metal and progressive influences, although the acoustic/folk elements still pervade. Ironwood has evolved and developed dramatically in the period since :Fire:Water:Ash: was composed, and Storm Over Sea will be a testament to this deepening and concentrating of their creative spirit.

Ironwood is Philip Brown (vocals/guitars/piano/cello/samples), Henry Lauer (vocals/fretted & fretless 6-string bass/additional acoustic guitar), Dan Nahum (drums) & Matthew Raymond (vocals/guitars/samples).

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