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New vocalist, check. Heavier guitar tuning, check. Bad ass album guaranteed to melt your face, check mate. “Witchkrieg” is the Witchery album that puts them over the fence from more of a blackened thrash sound to crushing death metal. The all around sound is thicker, Toxine’s replacement, Legion (you know, former vocalist from that Swedish black metal band, Marduk), is a monster on the microphone, and the guest spots are superb.
The title track and album opener defines the entire album from the get go. Its high speed, balls to the wall attitude is an all out blitzkrieg on your senses. Add in a stunning solo from none other than Kerry King (no introduction needed), and you have a recipe for a jaw dropping opener. They aren’t just the “Wearer of Wolf’s Skin” (2nd track and just as killer as its predecessor), they have become the “Hellhound.” Yes, they’re both killer tracks, blindingly fast and relentlessly heavy.
“The God That Fell From Earth” exemplifies the classic Witchery style and is a phenomenal mid tempo bludgeoning after the prior start off knock out combo. The next stand out is “The Reaver” featuring none other than the deadly guitar duo of Exodus, Gary Holt and Lee Altus. As if they weren’t busy enough creating the masterful “Exhibit B”, they squeezed out just a little more fire and turned this song into hellfire. It sounds like the perfect hate child of Exodus and Witchery and is the highlight of the album (and not just because I love Exodus) and has a bit of a throwback to “Strike of The Beast”.
“From Dead To Worse” is another classic Witchery song with a nice upgrade, as well as “Devil Rides Out.” Closing out with “Hung, Drawn, and Quartered” this has been one Witchery album that has absolutely killed from start to finish. Just when I thought “Don’t Fear The Reaper” was their heaviest to date, they slaughtered every expectation I could have had. Go grab this one fellow thrashers, it may be one of the best of this year.

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