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After a 6 year hiatus and 4 side project albums (2 Velvet Revolver, 1 Army of Anyone, 1 Scott Weiland solo) the Stone Temple Pilots reunited, toured extensively, and then released their long awaited 6th studio album… and it delivers. This album continues with the sound and style that “Tiny Music …”, “No. 4” and “Shangri-La Dee Da” brought to the table and carries an old school rock n roll vibe that few still channel in this day and age. Weiland’s vocals sound crisp and fresh and the DeLeo brothers can still channel some intense guitar solos and bass tones, all rounded out by Kretz’s clockwork drumming.
The most likely place to start discussing this album is from the top, with “Between the Lines”, the album’s first single. With an immediately recognizable distinct STP riff, the song blasts from your stereo and gives notice that STP is back. Shooting right into “Take a Load Off”, and “Huckleberry Crumble”, there’s a distinct groove formed within the music that just makes you nod along to the beat. “Hickory Dichotomy” bats clean up and brings the first third of this albums line up on home.
“Dare If You Dare”, “Peacoat”, and “First Kiss on Mars”, represent the more melodic and slower paced cuts on the album, but don’t take anything away from the depth that the album provides. These songs fit in right along with classics like “Sour Girl” “Creep” or “Interstate Love Song.”
Ultimately, any of the songs on “Stone Temple Pilots” are prime candidates to be a single, and if not, could easily soundtrack the summertime, especially “Hazy Daze.” Give it a listen and you’ll hear what I mean with its relaxed, sit on the porch with a cold beer feeling.
Another track I’m a big fan of is “Fast As I Can” which if you’re familiar with Weiland’s work in Velvet Revolver, sounds like a lost cut from one of their two albums. It’s fast paced, has a rock star vibe, and guarantees to be a great live performance.
Closing out the album is the country tinged “Maver” featuring some fantastic electric acoustic guitar, harmonized vocals, and storytelling lyrics. There’s a bit of a “Pretty Penny” vibe running through the song, and it keeps your toe tapping the whole way through.
After giving “Stone Temple Pilots” several spins, I was able to give a huge sigh of relief as the album met all of my expectations. I’ll be catching them when they grace Long Island with their presence at Jones Beach on September 4th and will be counting down the days until then. For long time fans of the band, this is the album you’ve been anxiously awaiting since the reunion started.

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