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Metal Machine “Jack Of All Trades” Andrew Sanford dives into the universe of The Justice League and gives us his take on the recent release from DC Comics and Warner Bros. DVD “Justice League – Crisis On Two Earths”

Can’t stop the DCAU!
A Review of Crisis on Two Earths
By: Andrew Sanford

For as long as I can remember, the DCAU has been a part of my life. Watching Batman and Superman back to back every afternoon after school, I was and will forever be a DC kid and owe a great deal of my fandom to the DC Animated Universe. Over the years, the DCAU has grown to include television series’ about not only Batman and Superman but a future Batman, the legendary Justice League and the preceding Justice League Unlimited. Several films, all Batman oriented, were created in the mid and late 90’s. After the end of Justice League Unlimited, Bruce Timm and the boys at the DCAU offices decided to create straight to DVD cartoon films, with a PG-13 rating aimed at a slightly older audience as opposed to their lighter tones taken on in later years. Starting with Superman: Doomsday, with creative action sequences, clever dialogue, easily accessible stories, beautiful animation and superb voice acting, the DCAU DVDs have taken off running and don’t seem to be losing their connection to the speed force that drives them any time soon.
The latest animated film to be released was Crisis on Two Earths. A multi dimensional story, Crisis tells of an alternate Earth where good guys are bad guys and vice versa. A good Lex Luthor leads the Justice League against Ultraman, an evil version of Superman, and his Crime Syndicate. Lex seeks out Superman and the Justice League of Earth 1 to help him battle the Crime Syndicate. They soon stumble onto a plot by Owlman, skillfully voiced by James Woods, to destroy the multiverse and it’s a race against time to save existence. Probably one of the better crafted stories done in the DCAU, the stakes are high from the very beginning and do not let up. Battle scenes are plotted down to the smallest clever chokehold. As a package, Crisis shines bright and bold as a great representation of what DC storytelling could be.
The voice acting of DC Animated movies are usually a high point and Crisis is no different. Between James Woods, Gina Torres, Mark Harmon and even William Baldwin, no one falls behind in their respective roles. Lines are delivered with the wit, humor and seriousness that the subject matter deserves. Bottom line, the voice acting is stellar.
I have yet to be disappointed with a DCAU film, but I will be the first to admit that I have a bit of a bias opinion. I have grown up in this world. I have stalked the dark streets of Gotham, soared over the skies of Metropolis and defended the Earth against Thanagarian invaders. I have grown with the DCAU and like to believe that they have grown with me as well. With the coming age of comics in other media, the DC Universe deserves a sophisticated outlet for their material like the DCAU. With each new film and animated short, check out Spectre by the way, the DCAU continues to grow and continues not to disappoint.

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