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Slash made an album and enlisted the talents of various musicians across multiple genres. In the time since Velvet Revolver dismissed Scott Weiland as frontman, the rumors have been flying about Slash putting together a solo project, one outside of the Snakepit vein. This album definitely displays Slash’s talent on the guitar in ways he wasn’t able to in Guns N Roses or with Velvet Revolver. The album displays Slash’s poppier side along with some of his edgier abilities and can absolutely be appreciated by music fans from all disciplines.
The album opens with “Ghost” which features Ian Astbury of The Clash on vocals. It’s a quality opener featuring a solid beat and a quality riff. This is surely to be a great song on stage, and could easily open or close out a concert. The next track, featuring none other than Ozzy entitled “Crucify the Dead” could fit right on any of Ozzy’s solo albums with its brooding intro and thundering riff and makes for an instant classic.
The next track is the one I was most skeptical about when I heard that it was happening, “Beautiful Dangerous” featuring Fergie. I asked myself, how can Fergie possibly work with a rock legend like Slash and be worthwhile? Well the song is legit. It has a slow slithery sexy style that could grace the PA system of any club and get a crowd grinding in no time. Parts of the song have an Aerosmith like feel to it as well and Fergie’s voice fits the bill with appropriate style.
Moving on in the album, tracks featuring Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), Chris Cornell and Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother) display Slash’s abilities in more of a classic rock vein and fit well with his style. They’re not phenomenal but they bring the right attitude and are worth a listen.
Now we get to where the album takes an edgier turn. Tracks with Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters/ Nirvana) and Duff McKagan, and M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold) are take-no-prisoners kick-ass fun guaranteed to have you bang your head and rock out. “Dr. Alibi” with Lemmy is a flash to Motorhead and back and leads right into the instrumental “Watch This” which features the talents of Grohl and Slash’s long time bassist, Duff. “Watch This” offers some crunching riffs and melodic solos and although instrumental is a highlight on the album. “Nothing to Say” with Shadows is easily the heaviest track on the album and Slash shows off his ability to play a relentlessly chugging riff and take on any guitarist of the Metal community and give them a lesson in heavy.
The album winds down with a few lighter tracks before launching into the closing “We’re All Gunna Die” featuring Iggy Pop. This song is a great party song with an I-don’t-give-a-damn rock star attitude and reminds you to get out there and get it on.
In the end, the album is mediocre at best. Slash does have some flashy solos and many of the songs have a great feel. I’m not a fan of the poppier tracks but the edgier ones work well. I’d suggest downloading the songs featuring the artists you like from itunes over picking up the entire album.
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