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The heavy metal world lost an icon on April 14, 2010 in the death of Peter Steele. Unfortunately for Type O Negative fans that vividly recall the hoax of his death in 2005, this time it’s for real. At the age of 48, Peter lost his life after a brief illness and what is ultimately believed to be heart failure. His career spanned 3 decades and various genres of heavy metal from his time in the Thrash outfit Carnivore in the 80’s to his well known success with the Goth styled Type O Negative until his passing and his influence is far reaching.
An outpouring of sentiment has come from friends and artists alike, one of the most heartfelt coming from Jimmy Duff, proprietor of NYC’s most well known heavy metal bar, Duff’s Brooklyn, a regular hangout of Steele’s. Duff’s statement, made via Facebook is as follows: “Since Josh has publicly confirmed the passing of Peter, it’s now appropriate to comment on this very sad loss. First of all, my sincere condolences go out to Peter’s family, as well as Johnny, Kenny and Josh, Paul, Steve and Joey. I extend the same to all of Peter’s friends and fans worldwide at this very difficult time. Peter was an amazing artist, a true friend, and one hilarious character. He was a tortured soul as well, but that’s part of what ultimately made his art so compelling. He’s at peace now so that’s the one consolation. That and the music and memories of good times that will always live on. Thanks for all the music and laughs Peter, you will never be forgotten, and always missed. J. DUFF.” When I was at Duff’s a couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to speak with him and we talked about his friendship with Steele. Throughout the length of the conversation, Jimmy recalled the good times and a down to earth dark sense of humor that embodied Peter throughout his days. Based on all I’ve read today, that conversation revealed a lot about the man that was Peter Steele.
The remaining members of Type O Negative and Steele’s family released statements via the band’s website and Type O’s first major label, Roadrunner Records, released a lengthy statement on Peter’s passing which can be found on the label’s homepage.
Peter, you will forever be missed and when fans new and old recall the chant “You Suck!” from Type O’s live shows, they’ll agree it’s true because you left this world too soon.
–\m/ Deuce

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