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The Artificial Truth from Ankara, Turkey’s SINCE YESTERDAY has been getting rave reviews from the international metal/hardcore press community. Here is what they are saying:

Since Yesterday have mastered melodic metal – Metal Hammer UK

You’d be doing yourselves a favour to check these guys out – UKMetalUnderground.com

“A surprisingly solid, well-produced metalcore release that has some freshness and energy about it, free from some of the geographical trend-whoring and scene-posturing that plague the US scene.” – MetalReview.com

“A band with not only depth, but balls as well. ‘The Artificial Truth’ contains some pure metalcore with a great melodic touch. A must have.” – Lords of Metal

“With nine tracks chockfull of killer metal riffs, mixing the toughness of hardcore and embracing the fast-paced nature of punk, The Artificial Truth is an album bound to be embraced by all walks of the North American metal community.” – Exclaim!

“The Artificial Truth is a striking blend of confrontational rage, crushing riffs and blazing solos.” – Noisecreep

“This surely is a great album.” – Fueled Magazine

“A great musical performance. Powerful and intense.” – Roughedge.com

“All the recordings here are of high quality.”- Flight of Pegasus

“Since Yesterday have proven they are much more than just a melodic hardcore band.”

– The Metal Forge

…aggressive rhythms… nice leads and harmonies… killer screams – Funeral Rain ‘Zine

If you’ve not reviewed The Artificial Truth and/or would like to interview SINCE YESTERDAY, please get in touch at ClawHammerpr@gmail.com. If you’ve done a review, please send it our way!


April 17th – Graveyard Extreme Metal Fest, Ankara (w/ Cenotaph)
May 1st & 2nd – Kara Katliam Metal Fest, Ankara (w/ Quo Vadis)
July 2nd, 3rd & 4th – Unirock Open Air Fest, Istanbul (w/ Overkill, Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore, Heaven Shall Burn, Entombed, Necrophagist, Amorphis, Behemoth, etc.)

Also, be on the lookout for news of an upcoming European Tour in the fall.


Ankara, Turkey’s Since Yesterday came to life in 2002 as a project of two friends blending punk, metal and hardcore. The band focused on writing their own material from the very beginning. The name immediately spread around the country in 2003 as a result of the first two demos Maybe Tomorrow and These Words Are How You Bled From My Wrists being released. The interest in the band’s music became international with both demos spreading to four continents. Together with the recognition and success, the band began playing every possible show, while also writing down new stuff. Two split-demos followed in the next two years, first one with In Between, another Turkish band in 2004 and then a four way split with Planes Mistaken For Stars (USA), Candy Sniper (UK) and In Between in 2005. After releasing It’s Time To Move On My Dear in 2006, a multimedia demo and The Art Of Eremophobia in 2007 the band started to take stage at major festivals in Turkey and shared itwith the likes of UDO (GER), A New Hope (GER), Madball (USA), Machinemade God (GER), Last Hope (BUL) and more.

April 2008 became a turning point for Since Yesterday when they hosted three legs of Horse The Band’s (USA) Earth Tour in Turkey. After those gigs, the band decided that they were now mature enough to write their first full length album and began to work accordingly. With the new tunes coming to existence, Since Yesterday was convinced that it was time for a Turkish band from the metal/hardcore scene to finally show the courage, cross the borders of the country and release the album worldwide.

The rest is history still being written. Many major producers showed interest in the new tunes and the band choose to work with Will Putney from The Machine Shop Productions, who believed in the band and was kind enough to come all the way from New Jersey to Ankara to record and produce the album. He flew back with the material to mix and master the record at his own studios. In the mean time, another international superstar in his art, Derek Hess was busy with creating the album’s artwork and what a job he did!

The album The Artificial Truth is ready for release, the merchandise is in print and negotiations for a label are ongoing. The band has already contacted promoters, booking agencies and venues aiming to hit the road for their first tour abroad along with the release and the outcome is truly encouraging.

Be prepared for powerful hardcore riffs accompanied by metal-esque solos and killer screams as the icing on the cake, altogether making up the sound of Since Yesterday, and of course, as expected, a strong stage performance, the natural result of so many years’ experience.


APPROVED RADIO TRACKS: 1. “The Aftermath.” 2. “(It always feels good to remove) Scabs.” 5. “Hey! Sleepwalker.”

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