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Virgin Records has announced the release of Saving Abel’s MISS AMERICA on June 8, 2010. The quintet has emerged in recent years as one of the most successful rock bands in the United States. The Corinth, Mississippi-based act released their self-titled debut album on March 11, 2008, which just one year and five days later was certified gold by the RIAA. Singles which included “Addicted,” “18 Days,” and “Drowning (Face Down),” cumulatively sold millions of digital downloads. The lead single from MISS AMERICA, “Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood),” impacts Active and Modern Rock radio on April 19th, and will be available digitally on April 8, 2010.

In looking forward towards their second studio album MISS AMERICA, the band is optimistic that their evolution and experience will serve them well. Guitarist Scott Bartlett observes, “We are creating the new Southern Rock. Not to say we are pioneers, but it is VERY exciting.” Bassist Eric Taylor adds, “The heavy’s are definitely heavier, but this album shows how much we have improved as writers and musicians.” As guitarist Jason Null sees it, “We are evolving into our own as a band, and picking up where ‘Addicted’ left off.

On why MISS AMERICA was chosen as the title of the upcoming release, Singer Jared Weeks shares, “’Miss America’ is actually a song on the album that Saving Abel co-wrote with Marty Fredrickson. Although we didn’t believe we would release it as a single, we felt that we needed to bring more attention to the song and its’ message. Having just returned from our USO tour of Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar, we all seemed to be on the same page when it came to naming the album. Just being out there with those men and women who do so much for us and the country we live in, we really wanted to give them something back. So for all of us, MISS AMERICA was the perfect name, for a perfect situation. The message of the song is simple – it tells a story of a soldier writing home to his mom, family, wife, and kids. Throughout the song you get the feeling of what it is like to be so far away from your home, your life, and your loved ones, but still having to soldier up and do what you came there to do. It offers the message of not giving up, not losing love, and not running away. We are hoping that this song and our second album MISS AMERICA will spark a fire in some people, and maybe cause a wave of support for all our men and women in the service.”

Saving Abel has just returned from a weeklong USO / Armed Forces Entertainment tour of the Persian Gulf. The band visited eight military bases, performing seven concerts for the troops in Qatar, Kuwait, and Iraq. Throughout their rise, the band has always made time to support the service men and woman of the military, and as a group are deeply patriotic. Taylor shares, “every one of us has a family member that is either currently fighting or has fought for our freedom. We thank them and everyone who has put on a uniform to do so. It is an honor to go there and give them an hour of freedom after all they have done for us. Weeks adds, “No matter where we go or who we are playing in front of, we always make sure people know that from our perspective it is each and everyone’s responsibility to support our troops. They do so much for us, they deserve to be recognized.” In October, 2008, the quintet appeared on MTV’s “A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the Brave,” performing alongside Kid Rock and Ludacris. The event called for elected officials to provide veterans with better health care, mental-health treatment, job opportunities, housing assistance, and compensation for serving longer due to stop-loss orders.

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