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If you’re looking for an alarming, haunting, heads down, pummeling Death Metal album, look no further than Immolation’s newest release, “Majesty And Decay.” In the traditional Immolation style, this album goes from lurking intros, to furious riffs, ripping solos, and aggressive lyrics.
I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of this album since “The Purge” was posted on the band’s MySpace and more so since hearing it live when Immolation opened for Nile on the Those Whom The Gods Detest Tour in January. Let me tell you, it delivers. It took me a few listens to initially appreciate everything this album had to offer but it has grown on me by leaps and bounds since it was released.
I find myself chanting the lyrics and drumming the rhythms absent mindedly while the riffs and tempo changes stream through my head. They’re so good, and dare I say it catchy, that it’s almost disturbing how this album has embedded itself in my brain.
The opening intro creeps up on you before tearing into “The Purge” with its vehement anti-humanity lyrics and the ongoing tirade against the human race which identifies the theme of the album. Trust me if you’re having a day where you hate everyone, this album is definitely your soundtrack. The albums pounds its way through to the last notes of feedback only letting up for the interlude after “A Glorious Epoch.”
Is this Immolation’s best work? I don’t think so, that honor still lies with “Harnessing Ruin” (my personal favorite). This album is definitely a solid listen if you can wrap your mind around it. 8 out of 10.

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