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Mille of Kreator
Join the Hordes of Chaos and go fly the Flag of Hate with Kreator on the Hordes of Chaos North America Tour Part 2. I had the honor of spending my Saturday night in the presence Mille, Ventor, Christian, and Sami as they brutalized the masses at the Nokia Theatre in New York with their relentless take on old school Thrash. I attended the show in proper Thrash fashion, semi-drunk and ready to rumble… and boy did I come prepared. The crowd was frenzied from start to finish, the pit engulfed nearly the entire floor, and there was an obscene amount of crowd surfing taking place. I could swear the same dude passed over me at least 6 times… and got dropped by the unsuspecting crowd nearly every time.
As Kreator took the stage to “Choir of the Dammed,” you could feel the excitement and adrenaline building in the venue. The band played with dead on accuracy, flawlessly mixing favorites from all eras to celebrate their 25th year in existence. There was extensive headbanging and a barrage of devil horns being thrown by the masses all night long. During the night, Mille informed us that after this leg of the tour, Kreator are heading back to Europe to do some summer festivals and then Kreator will get working on a new album.
Kreator played roughly an hour and twenty minutes and as the night came to a close, Mille had every voice in the venue bellowing “HATE” to introduce “Flag of Hate” because when in New York at a Kreator concert on a Saturday night, how else do you show appreciation for the German Thrash veterans?

On a side note, Kreator merch was practically non-existent because of a shipping error. This came as a huge disappointment.

1.Choir Of The Damned
2.The Pestilence
3.Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
5.Enemy Of God
6.Impossible Brutality
7.Endless Pain
8.Pleasure To Kill
9.Terrible Certainty
10.Extreme Aggression
11.Coma Of Souls
12.Servant In Heaven – King In Hell
13.The Patriarch
14.Violent Revolution
15.Demon Prince
16.When The Sun Burns Red
17.Flag Of Hate

–Deuce \m/

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