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I’ll admit it, I’m a follower. You can tell me the trend is dead and the era is over but I don’t give a damn, I’m still going to headbang until I have whiplash and mosh until I’m sore. I’ve been a Metalhead, tried and true, for as long as I can remember; I bought my first Metallica album (…And Justice For All) when I was 10. I’ve sampled lots of different genres and styles of music but I always had a love for Metal and there’s no changing that. I live and breathe for Metallica as well as Pantera (RIP Dimebag) and tons of others ranging from Aerosmith and Stone Temple Pilots to Nile and Goatwhore.

I despise Jam music and Rap/ Hip-Hop and loathe hippies. My opinion on hippies is best defined by South Park’s episode “Die, Hippie, Die” and Cartman’s dispersion of the hippie music festival by means of Raining Blood. I’ve actually put that theory to test, I’ve put on a Slayer album in the presence of hippies and boy did they bitch and moan.

I’m a native New Yorker of the Long Island variety and yes, I can’t stand the “guidos” (I’m talking about the jackasses with the blow-outs, fake tans, etc) especially on the train at 3am after a long night of drinking in Manhattan or Brooklyn, more so after a concert.

What can you expect from this blog? I’ll give my brutally honest reviews of both concerts and new albums as well as discuss various topics falling under the Metal umbrella. Do I expect you to agree with everything I have to say? I’d be stupid if I did. Post your comments if you agree or disagree, I’ll gladly discuss my views either way.

Keep your eyes open, my next post will be a review of High on Fire’s Snakes for the Divine.

My name is Deuce, and I’m a disciple of Metal. \m/

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