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Bindrune Recordings are just weeks away from releasing three phenomenal new albums: Nechochwen’s Azimuths to the Otherworld, Blood of the Black Owl’s A Banishing Ritual, and Celestiial’s Where Life Springs Eternal. Take a look here…

Where Life Springs Eternal

Track Listing:
I: Spell Over Still Water 3:56
II: Great Storms Carry My Sadness 30:03
III: From Elm Blossoms a Rose 2:35
IV: Offering in Cedar Smoke 22:04
V: Songbirds Depart Through the Passing Near the Garden 1:46
Total running time: 59:44

Having earned a devout and ever growing fan base with their debut full-length, Desolate North and split LP with fellow label mates Blood of the Black Owl, Where Life Springs Eternal, the 2nd full-length release from Minnesota’s Celestiial, is yet another monumental and groundbreaking funeral doom experience. Combining Harp and other experimental elements in with Tanner Anderson’s visionary grasp of forest inspired doom, Celestiial embraces the inspiration flowing from his surroundings and injects them into an inspired and uniquely challenging/spiritual expression. Along with Anderson, this album features the talents of Tim Glen (Percussion) and Jason Walton (Bass) from Agalloch. Recorded by Andrew Broder (from the band Fog) and mastered by Jason Walton, Where Life Springs Eternal is a vibrant exploration of beauty from within and its reflection upon the waters streaming from the woodlands.

“A deep and pervasively creepy atmosphere that is compelling in its use of silence and hushed reverence for the forest floor.” Decibel Magazine

“Celestiial offers a more elite ambience of funeral doom, adjoined in captivating and unsettled slow, pulsing beats through upturned earth.” Thrasher Magazine

“[Celestiial] happens to be one of the hopes of funeral doom in these times of internet bands and UDOM-style ambient funeral wannabes.” Doom-metal.com

Blood of the Black Owl
A Banishing Ritual

Track Listing:
1. A Banishing Ritual (Into White)
Total Running time: 41:24

With Blood of the Black Owl’s 3rd full-length opus, A Banishing Ritual, the experimental and the inner journey once again unite for 41 minutes of a pure outpouring
of emotions and cleansing of past stains on one’s life. With the union of crippling doom and more ambient segments of travel meant to reach the gods, B.o.t.B.O. will once again amaze and enchant their ever growing fanbase with conviction and a pure heart to cleanse ones inner demons with focused and inspired ritualistic sounds. This album is an extremely personal journey for creators Chet Scott, Daniel Herod and James Woodhead and at one time was even considered as too close to the heart to release for public consumption. Featuring one long track, this massive creation has been guaranteed to be “nothing like anything anyone has ever heard before”. Once again mastered by the ever impressive Mel Detmer (Earth, Wolves in the Throne Room), A Banishing Ritual is a full and all encompassing release that will change the way you experience listening to music.

“The organic ritual atmospheres are juxtaposed against crushing avalanches of metallic dissonance creating an ever-shifting panorama that mimics nature’s duality of creative beauty (light) and unchecked destruction (dark).” Oakenthrone

“This is musick full of creepy guttural croakings, seasick shoegazing droned-out riffery, and some seriously doooooomic plod, along with sudden yet graceful dynamic shifts from apocalyptic destructiveness to introspective dreaminess, yeah!!!” Aquarius Records

“A truly captivating and hypnotic journey into another spiritual realm.” – Teeth of the Divine

Azimuths to the Otherworld

Track Listing:
1. Allumhammochwen: The Crossing
2. At Night May I Roam
3. Gissis Mikana
4. Red Ocher
5. The Eyes of the Mesingw
6. Charnel House
7. Graves of Grandeur
8. Confluence
9. Noameatha, You are the Ghost in the Water
10. The Forgotten Death Ritual
11. Hunting Among the Stars
12. Four Effigies
a. The Turtle Effigy
b. The Adena Pipe
c. Amanita Mushroom Wand
d. Weeping Eye
13. Azimuths to the Otherworld
14. Graves of Grandeur (Reprise)
Total running time: 59:36

Formed in 2005, West Virginia’s Nechochwen is the passionate exploration of Native American Indian heritage through stunning classical guitar instrumentation and lush atmosphere as found on the stunning debut CD, Agonkian Mythos, released by Dark Horizon Records. Having earned a great deal of praise for the artistic development of the debut, Nechochwen chose to expand upon the concept by incorporating more of an aggressive metal edge for his second full-length CD, and debut for Bindrune Recordings. Recorded at Sacred Sound Recording Studio, Azimuths to the Otherworld is an awe inspiring journey into the realms of classical guitar and organic metal. With lyrical and spiritual guidance drawn from the mystical Adena and Hopewell people, their influence from beyond the stars has lifted Nechochwen to new and challenging musical hunting grounds. Azimuths takes bold musical cross pollination ala black and doom metal and fuses it with a very emotive and pure classical instrumentation with an “earthy” Native American folk leaning. The sounds are original, thoughtful, and instrumental in once again expanding the extreme metal world and how we all listen and interact with it. Nechochwen is passion, creativity and a powerful spiritual awakening that the listener can feel pouring out of the compositions of this art.


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