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Fury Rising, the new album from Philadelphia’s STYGIAN drops on February 9th, 2010 via Mortal Music. Mastered by James Murphy (Testament), Fury Rising is a dynamic and diverse collection of hook-laden tunes that rock hard and remain etched in memory. Visit www.MortalMusic.com or www.StygianRock.com to get your copy.

Track List:

Suffer Patiently
Fury Rising
Crimson Sand
My Regret
One More Shot
Last Redemption
Unstrung Hero
The Fear
Glass Legacy
Fever Slide


Frank Leary – Vocals/Guitar

Steve Bacchia – Drums

Mike Stewart – Bass

Patrick Hayden – Lead Guitar

Stygian came out swinging with their 2007 debut album Struggle incorporating a mix of Metallica-inspired metal, grooving hard rock, and catchy melodies that only hinted at the act’s promising future. That promise was made into a reality with the group’s new album Fury Rising. Set for release on February 9, 2010 the album sees Stygian raise its game on every conceivable level. Massive production, hooky melodies, and undeniable groove make this a must have album for all fans of metal and heavy rock.

The Philadelphia, PA natives, vocalist/guitarist Frank Leary, drummer Steve Bacchia, and bassist Mike Stewart formed Stygian as diehard Metallica fans. They strived to learn every song from the old-school styles of “Creeping Death” to the impossibly frenetic “Dyer’s Eve.” Once the trio realized they could harness the energy and talent of their favorite band, they began to compose original music, establishing a unique sound derived equally from the worlds of heavy rock and metal. Stygian wrote, rehearsed, and refined their music until finally launching the material live. In July of 2008, Patrick Hayden took over lead guitar duties, making Stygian’s sound even more dynamic while completing the line up.

After opening for many national acts and gaining a strong fan base, Stygian landed an opening slot for the band Soil. It was at this show they befriended bassist Tim King. After watching over the band for some time and seeing them develop into their own with a never say die/do it yourself attitude, Tim offered the band a Recording Deal through Mortal Music. Mortal Music is the label formed by Tim King and label Partner Rob Such (Twelfth Gate, Chicago Powerfest).

Through the power of the Internet (Myspace, Stygianrock.com, and I-Tunes), Stygian was able to reach loyal fans all over the world, most notably the U.K., Australia, Denmark, and Mexico. This enabled them to build a fan base off their first album Struggle, and set the stage for their new masterpiece Fury Rising.

Mastered by legendary James Murphy of Safe house production (Testament, Death, Obituary), Fury Rising takes a musical journey from Alice in Chains style vocal melodies to longer, epic songs with varying vocal styles on songs like “The Fear”. Follow this by a fun take on Guitar Hero in the song “Unstrung Hero,” to the final ending with the acoustic “Fever Slide”, a song about the struggle of dealing with cancer. Fury Rising takes the listener through a roller coaster of emotions and music frenzy. From technical metal anthems to the album’s close in a swell of professionally performed pianos, cellos, and violins. “This is certainly an expansion of what we’ve ever done before. It has it all” drummer Steve Bacchia explains with excitement. Bacchia continues: “We’re not afraid to have a ballad or an acoustic song on a hard rock and metal album either. We feel that bands today are taking music in one direction or another. They either are very heavy with screaming vocals or very mainstream with no memorable riffs and usually some form of whining emo vocals. What we like to do is have a diverse collection of songs that result in a worthwhile album.”


Out 2-09-10 on Mortal Music compact disc and digital online

Distributed through MVD Distribution.

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